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We offer a series of unique culinary experiences that will surprise and delight you and your friends.

Our Mission Statement

“Finding Fun honourably by surprising palates

and  expanding minds with the flavour of Pepperfire.”

Fair Trade

We source Fair Trade products whenever possible

Our Best Sellers!

The World's Hottest Pepper

This is the current guinness Book of Records World’s Hottest Pepper, the Carolina Reaper.

70% fresh pepper, 30% fresh lime juice and a touch of sea salt.


Liquid Fire

Imagine the essence of the chili pepper, all the flavour and heat of the fruit, trapped in an elixir that is avalable to you in but a single drop!

As each drop is placed upon the tongue your anticipations of the sharp bite of searing fire disappear. A seducing blanket of rich organic cane syrup spreads across your palate, protecting you momentarily, as the nuances of the flavour hidden within the pepper are exposed.

Jewels of Fire & Ice

The Jewels of Fire & Ice is a collection of 16 different 45ml (1-1/2oz) products. This is the best way of sampling a good variety of our products, and you get to choose the jewels that go into it. You get a whopping 60% discount off the Jewels – my thanks to you for sampling! We always include The Antidote (that’s the Ice part), and you can choose the other 15 products (that’s the Fire part), or we can do that for you.

Hurricane Mash

My Peppermaster Original Hurricane Mash is a simple, clean, and very hot all purpose hot sauce. It amplifies the other flavours in whatever you are eating.

I have been eating it every day since I was 8 years old.

You’ll love this pepper sauce.

What makes us different?

* We specialize in the use of fresh peppers.

* We choose ingredients for quality and social impact.

* We make Fair Trade Certified and natural products.

* Our products are gluten free and peanut free.

* We process fresh fruits and vegetables in-house.

* We love what we do.

What makes us special?

* The Peppermaster’s gift is his ability to merge culinary imaging with tropical wilderness experience to create stunningly rich and unique original concepts. The flavours and the fire contained within are delivered in sequential layers creating sensory jewels that open your mind igniting the playful magical spirit that is your essence.

* We offer a series of unique culinary experiences that will surprise and delight you and your friends.


PIKLIZ - Haitian Coleslaw

Pikliz is most easily described as a spicy coleslaw. And in Haiti is served as a side dish and is used to cut the grease on the fried pork, called griot, or Tassot, fried beef, typically served in a Haitian home.

We hope you’ll try this recipe the next time you consider making a coleslaw. It is crisp and clear, very similar to the home-style coleslaws often served here in Quebec.

Meat and Bacon Sushi Rolls

This recipe received over a thousand shares on our Facebook page, so we felt it was a good idea to get the recipe out as quickly as possible.

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