Peppermaster Eco-Terrorists Strike Again!

Eco-Terrorists Strike Again!

Continuing their fight to wrest the food chain from the clutches of big food and Brazilian Hedge Funds, Brooks Pepperfire Foods inc.'s Tina Brooks and Greg Brooks have struck another notch in their eco-terrorists' belt! The Bees are rejoicing!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the company has rescued 10,000lbs of tomatoes from certain death and cartage to a landfill prison. They Purchased thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables from local farmers, including hot peppers, local onions, sweet peppers, herbs and garlic too! Reduced waste and prevented the import of another ingredient by zesting citrus fruit as well as juicing it. The company plans, with enough demand, to launch the project that would see them selling fresh squeezed juices and citrus zest to the public.

Further exasperating the International supply chain, the company increased their supplies of local garlic, much to the anger of the Chinese and Brazilian importers! The Quebec farmers rejoiced at the abundance of the new market!

Continuing their onslaught of the locally made and supplied processed products industry the Peppermaster devilishly brought three more major clients to the Canadian market using primarily local ingredients in their product lines. The importers were seething and shaking their fists as the local farmers delivered their produce!

Having Launched Chez Nous Foods which has locally grown ingredients as the very first ingredient in the ingredients list, early in 2022, the importers of food and dinner sauces quake in their boots as the products invade the County. To add insult to injury their in-house product line; the Peppermaster brand doubled their empty bottle return program!

Petitioned the Federal govt to stop being Canada's largest purchaser and user of glyphosates, in order to combat greenhouse emissions and soil compaction; both of which exacerbate greenhouse gases.
Successfully created and inspired a chilli pepper and hot sauce industry locally by encouraging everyone to participate in supporting local farmers and producers. Fullfilling upwards of 95% of their annual pepper production locally, in just the last 5 years. Then they had the unmitigated gall to
eliminate plastic from their shipping mailers. They contain no plastics, are made from recycled cardboard, and are made by a local company. At the beginning of the pandemic, in spite of global opposition caused by threats of inflation, the company raised wages of their employees by $2/hr. In order to exacerbate the inflation situation, the company threatens to introduce an employee share ownership plan and assuming no inclement weather to alter their plans, will raise their wages again by $2 an hour and offer them group insurance.

The company owners expressed great disdain that their actions might cause inflationary pressures and upset the smooth flow of goods across international borders when they first began using Fair Trade products and demanding farmers grow a larger variety of produce locally back in the early 2000's. Since that time, they have moved thousands of bottles into re-use, recovered hundreds of pounds of fruit and vegetable waste that would otherwise have been given to the local raccoon population, who is quite up in arms and threatening public strike action.

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