Who is Brooks Pepperfire Foods?

With a background of being personally connected to his food that started back in 1963 in the Bahamas and spanned several decades, former restaurateur, caterer, and cook book author, Greg Brooks, teamed up with his wife Tina – a former financial advisor – to use their passion for food and all things peppery to form their own food manufacturing company. Thus Brooks Pepperfire Foods was born.

Brooks Pepperfire Foods is the manufacturer of our in-house hot sauce brand, Peppermaster, but also develops and produces a wide range of products for small and medium-size food companies, specializing in small-batch high-quality ingredients, Slow Fair Trade, and local Farm to Fork food security. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we also launched our Soupe Des Patriots project with the goal of improving local food security and supporting local food banks.

We offer the following internationally accepted certifications:

Fair Trade

Here's a closer look at what we do:

Co-Pack Services: Just in Time Custom Manufacturing

Brooks Pepperfire Foods develops recipes and manufactures food products for other companies. Their expertise lies in bringing life to the flavours imagined by food artisans.

That WOW sparkle factor!

When you give a gift or use a product to market your business you want people to be wowed. Peppermaster will amaze! Beyond what you envision!

Brooks Pepperfire Foods shares several of their Peppermaster brand recipes for private label use in ad specialties, gift offerings, wedding favours, and bar mitzvahs. Unique recipes are also developed for brand expansions, sub-ingredients for commercial use or the launching of creative hot sauce brands for artisans and entrepreneurs.

The Spirit of Adventure Drives Development!

Brooks Pepperfire Foods’ core strength stems from the abilities of the Peppermaster, Greg Brooks. His culinary skill is evident in his ability to work with and develop any type of flavour, spicy or not. Even when working with the world’s hottest chilli peppers, Greg has an inherent ability to ignore the heat of the chillies and marry the individual flavour and heat profiles of the peppers with the rich flavours of fresh whole foods and all natural ingredients, creating spectacular finished products.

Our Company's Guiding Principles

  • We eat the way we live, with the knowledge that our presence and choices have an impact on our world.
  • We explore nourishing choices for both us and the planet, and we wish to share that with you. We invite you to experience the magic at our table.
  • We seek food that is rich and delectable, designed to thrill the most discerning palate.
  • We demand multi-dimensional quality.
  • We seek the finest ingredients we can get, and we encourage our suppliers to provide us with consistently improving quality.
  • We use a Slow Fair Trade philosophy to select our suppliers and ingredients that weigh social benefits, environment, economy, flavour, and health.