The Covidity Survival Challenge

Play The Covidity Survival Challenge.

Tina and I made up a game and have been playing it ruthlessly since wednesday March 18. Please share. Wanna play with us? Come on, it’ll be fun and it could end up saving your life! Well at least improving it. Take charge of a high stress issue and lighten it up a bit.


Starting...... Now. No fair planning to play. Now is not the time for finding the best plan. ‘Fast trumps perfection’ (Mike Ryan) No buying food, water, or drugs of choice. Nothing that sustains you. No vitamins. Nothing. Thats it. No other rules. You need to assess what you have in hand, now, and ration it for two weeks. Not allowed to buy anything.


Awesome social distancing score. Gives you a taste of what to prepare for. Identifies your needs, strengths, weaknesses in maintaining your best health. Trains you to realistically plan. Two weeks from now you will be a winner of the Covidity Survival Challenge


It sucks when you run out of chocolate or coffee, or rum. Ill be posting dishes i make as I go. My dishes emphasize reducing empty carbs and replacing them with higher value oils and nutrients. Wanna play?

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