Soupe des Patriotes

Over the last 20 years I had always thought that if I lost my business for some reason or another, or the end-times were upon us I could always transform my commercial kitchen into a soup kitchen and feed the poor with whatever I could scrounge. Soup would be easy. I'm a copacker. After 17 years we have been expanding slowly and yes, I am still copacking, now for almost 20 local companies, but most importantly I am still in business, adapting fast in these new times. I am 67 and what with all the societal changes slapping us all around daily I think the time is now. So I introduce to you Soupe des Patriotes. Made by people who have always believed in local. Ok, I am an anglo but I am a true many generations patriote. I just don't believe that language is more important than human rights, food security or sharing. We will start by making 200L of soup packed into 750ml jars heat treated to be shelf stable. That is about 260 servings of dinner for 4. We will reserve 144 to give away to 3 local food banks. The balance we will try to sell to help cover some of the costs. As many of the ingredients as possible are coming from local growers, and we are using the real good healthy stuff like organic tomatoes and onions and garlic, all fresh! Local farmers have started contributing what they can. True patriots coming together to help our own people. We will collect a $1 deposit on the jar (not at the food banks). Please bring back the clean jar (no lids please), and we will think you for helping us to reuse. We will have a donation bucket of course, if you are able. If not, we want you to love our healthy delicious and absolutely free soup. Please, share some soup. Share this message. Buy our Soupe des Patriotes or Donate cash here. Donate supplies here.

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