S&G Vaudreuil, Cunningham's Pub and Bacon Reaper Hot Sauce Shots!

S&G Vaudreuil is a crazy little group of local nutballs that hang out in a secret club on Facebook. We say all sorts of irreverent things, behave altogether like adult children and have a lot of well, Shits and Giggles, which is what the S&G in the group name stands for. Greg and I can regularly be seen eating the hot wings on Wing Night at one or the other Cunningham's Pub locations since forever, but this night, we wolfed down our wings and had to boot home. The approaching Christmas season opens the front door more often than ever for folks looking for gifts for friends and loved ones, so we had to leave early. Such is the life of a Peppermaster. Well, packed house and all, Greg had brung a bottle of the new Bacon Reaper Madness for his wings. I'm perfectly comfortable enjoying Cunningham's hottest as they come from the kitchen, usually, so didn't partake. Well, the sauce was shared by those who might wish to partake and declared, extremely hot by many. Some refused to taste it, being wise and knowing their limits. When we left, Greg thought he'd slipped it into his pocket. But when we arrived home, discovered THIS photo in the S&G group. [caption id="attachment_2534" align="aligncenter" width="540"]Cunningham's Pub and Bacon Reaper Hot Sauce Shots. Dec. 2014 Cunningham's Pub and Bacon Reaper Hot Sauce Shots. Dec. 2014[/caption] When I asked when the picture had been taken, we realized that the poor unsuspecting hot sauce had been captured by the S&G crew and was in for a fun time. As you can see by the following series... Someone... I'm not saying who, as I don't know, suggested the insanity of hot sauce shots. -- These may have been predicated by Prust's opening goal in the hockey game which brought our table 4 shots of our choice (Jameson's Whiskey). Unsure how many shots were drunk after Greg and I left, we did share one of the Prust shots. Thank you Cunningham's. Bacon Reaper Shots 2 Bacon Reaper Shots 3 bacon reaper shots 4 Bacon Reaper shots 5 Bacon Reaper Shots 1

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