Sexy Salsa Update June 30th 2009

Good news, we have taken delivery of the jars for the first batches of Sexy Salsa!

Receiving the jars was an exercise in, well, exercise. They arrived late Thursday afternoon in a 53 foot long truck. We typically request short trucks so that the driver can manoeuver the back end of their truck down our driveway to our loading bay, at the back of the shop, but wonder of wonders, on this day, the driver felt game and didn’t he successfully back his truck into our drive.

Once there, he unloaded the much anticipated pallet of glass.

There was really only one problem. The pallet stood nine feet tall and our kitchen entry doors, which indeed open wide enough to access a standard pallet, are only 7 feet high. We had to stow the glass as it was until the next morning. We unloaded the glass, jar by jar into the kitchen. Fortunately, this was completed and now the kitchen is in full production.

Greg, is working feverishly in the kitchen to get the salsas into the jars and if you were to stop into the shop today, you would be greeted with the rich aroma of fresh cilantro! There are several batches of salsa to be made and then, we can begin making our deliveries.

Please watch this space and as soon as the first cases are ready to be picked up, we will post here. All orders, regardless of whether they are deliveries or pick ups, will be notified as soon as the product is ready.

Thanks again to everyone for their support.

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