Peppermaster Roulette Game

THE ULTIMATE HOT PEPPER CHALLENGE! It is really fun to stay versatile and fresh when you're the oldest hot sauce maker in town. Very often you get comfortable and it's too easy to not come up with the latest greatest craze for the Holiday Season. Well, this one is a fit of pique, over all of the other Peppermaster Gift Selections, if you ask me. Our long time Peppermaster fans know about the Jewels of Fire and Ice gift pack and if you follow our Peppermaster blog, you'll have already discovered our new firecracker gift sets! Well, here is what we believe is la pièce de résistance of gift sets for the chilihead in your life! Introducing PEPPERMASTER ROULETTE! Like the original Jewels of Fire and Ice, we've included 16 different Peppermaster chili pepper sauces. One is the Antidote, all of the others are the fruits of labours of local farmers we know. 90% of them, right here in Québec. The peppers in these sauces range from hot to superhot. This is not a game for the faint of heart, or tongue. This is the ultimate gift (and game) for the true chilihead in your life. If they love chili peppers, this will really teach them what chili peppers are all about. Here the chilihead gets to taste and feel the differences between the largest variety of fresh pepper sauces available anywhere. Bonus, if their friends are game, taking turns spinning the spinner to see who will be the last player standing will be a laugh riot! Click here to order yours today! The products in these gift packs are made with fresh varietal chili peppers and when they're gone, they're gone -- At least until the next harvest! With the release of this game, our Peppermaster, Greg Brooks and Brooks Pepperfire Foods really have turned Rigaud, Quebec, Canada, into the hot pepper sauce capital of the world.

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