Peppermaster goes to Afghanistan

During the recent Hot & Spicy festival, we had opportunity to meet a woman whose brother stationed in Afghanistan had requested she attend the festival and purchase some heat and spices that the members of his platoon could use for a chili cookoff.

As a result, Tina helped the customer put together a little care package for them and asked that they be sent to Afghanistan with our compliments.

Well, recently, the following email came in. We'd like to share it, and its photos with you.



My name is Gunner Shane O'Quinn. I'm with the 2nd Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, we are currently in Afghanistan and I have just recived some of you amazing Sauce.

First the cook has used both of the sauces in a Chili ( IT WAS HOT) lol but very good he was very impressed with them.The rest of the camp loved it.

Next I tried the Wings of fire by itself it's very tasty with a surprise at the end -- all very wonderful. The rest of the guys in the troop are all loving, again I thank you very much for the Sauce ,
Attached are some photos of us here in Afghanistan

Thank you again
Gunner Shane O'Quinn


We want to thank Gunner Shane and the 2nd Royal Horse Artillery for having us over for dinner vicariously.

We'd ask everyone to join us in thanking them for doing this hard work they do. We pray that they all stay safe and make it back home to their families.

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