Peppermaster 10th Anniversary & Festival des Couleurs

When we started making the Peppermaster® brand we thought that we might become the most important hot sauce maker in the world, but every hot sauce maker plots the overthrow of Tabasco. It’s the day that you realize how much work such an overthrow would take, that you settle into the good sense of carving out your own niche in the world of food manufacture. We have become known for co-packing the finest sauce and dry rubs destined for the specialty food and grocery store shelves. With brands such as Sexy Salsa, Firepit Foods, Cucina Mirela and Marky and Sparky’s coming to us to be their private commercial chef, and many others, soon to be announced, demanding the finest quality ingredients with consistent results, we’re cracking at the seams. I walked through the kitchen today and there were three elves picking peppers, one washing bottles, one filling mason jars, one stirring a pot and another swinging a broom… and neither of them was me. Did we ever think we’d be manufacturing product for a dozen different companies, all focused on bringing amazing tasting food products to their customers? Not in a million years. But, here we are. I rather like it this way. With more companies focusing on the slow fair trade philosophy, we bring way more people way closer to their food sources. On that topic, we have several projects in the works, watch this space as time goes by to hear all about them, but the Real Good Real Food network will be coming together soon. (If you haven’t heard about this project yet and want to know more, get in touch.) We’ll be making a media announcement on Saturday, October 12th and it will be released through our newsletter system. If you are not currently on our newsletter subscriber list, then we invite you to sign up. If you are on the list, we invite you to verify your email address to ensure you continue to receive the newsletter. Don’t worry, we don’t spam you. If you’re lucky we might actually get out a dozen newsletters in a year. That media release will happen at 10:00 and will open the doors for our tenth anniversary open house. Join us and taste some of our flag ship products as well as some of our new delicacies. Free chili chocolate hot chocolate for everyone and for those who are so inclined, you can purchase your lunch from the Famous Zee Grub. As an added inspiration, the Town of Rigaud has been so kind as to throw their Annual Festival des Couleurs this same weekend, so, make a point of coming out to Rigaud, come buy your lunch, we’ll buy you a hot chocolate and a little tour of the kitchen if you’re so inclined. We look forward to seeing you there!
- Peppermaster 10th anniversary Oct 12-13

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