New Peppermaster Gift Packages for 2019

If you've been following our Facebook page, you will already know that our theme for the upcoming holiday season will be bright and full of colour. We wanted to simplify the selection of mini-sized jars of Peppermaster brand products, so as to not overwhelm our customers. This year, we're offering 15 amazing new gift selections. We hope this makes things easier for our holiday shoppers and your gift giving needs. Check them all out, one by one, or get one of each. No two Firecrackers are the same. Start with our best-selling Chilihead Treasures Firecracker. It's the original firecracker and contains our three best sellers. Then, if you are brave enough, take a walk on the wild side and try our Hottest Threesome. It contains three Guinness Record winning peppers. Our new crackers are gorgeous! The first one will take you Around the World for a mini-tour of Thailand, Portugal, and Sichuan Province and you don't even have to leave home! The Rub Me Hot firecracker contains, you guessed it, three dried spice blends commonly known as "rubs". If you have a smoker or simply like using dried spice mixes then this is the cracker for you. If you can take a little more heat, then the Rub me Hotter firecracker is the one for you! The Just Grind Me firecracker contains pre-ground spices you need to flavour all sorts of things, from salads to Coconut crusted shrimp. Our Crazy Curries firecracker shows off our Peppermaster's skill with blending spices. Curries are special in that they rely on herbs and spices that blend and work together with massive complexity and simply luxurious flavours. We often get asked what makes the Peppermaster claim the title of Peppermaster. This Alpha Omega firecracker is the answer to that question. Here we present the world's mildest pepper, the world's hottest pepper and just in case, the Antidote. Why the Antidote you may ask? Because any fool can make a hot pepper sauce. Only the Peppermaster knows how to take the heat away. People love hot and sweet pepper sauces, sometimes and we are really good at sweet heat. Our Peppermaster's Sweet Chili sauces are to die for and the Chili Chocolate sauce has become a bit of a cult phenomena among the food and sex crowd because it's made with real food and real peppers. So, we've often played on the sweet heat theme. We saw a trend a few years ago when people were putting "hot sauce" on ice cream. We didn't find the idea of a vinegar-based product on ice cream particularly appealing, nor did we like the idea of garlic on ice cream, so we partnered our Hot Sweet Seductions recipes to spotlight Hot and truly delectable dessert sauces. And then more recently, we discovered that the hotter the better crowd sometimes has a sweet tooth. So we created the Hot Sweet Penetrations firecracker. Then there are those who can't really handle much heat yet, so the Sweet and Gentle firecracker is for them. If you want to use any of these sweet heat products on ice cream, even those with garlic, we say, go for it! But they all work equally well in savoury situations, so, don't be afraid to experiment. The word "umami" was neologized in 1908 by a Japanese chemist named, Kikunae Ikeda. It means "pleasant savory taste." The Firecracker named Hot Umami Richness embraces the concept of UMAMI and highlights ingredients that trigger the glutamate response on the tongue. This firecracker will have you drooling with delight. The Gentle Heat firecracker shows off our Peppermaster's skills at creating lovely gentle tingles of heat with so much flavour, it'll please even the most delicate palates. Our penultimate firecracker will blow a few minds. As you may be aware, chili peppers cross breed like rabbits, and as such, many farmers are having fun creating new and funky varieties of chili peppers. Our Unstable Hybrids firecracker shows off these hybrids! We hope that the best ones will remain true to their cross breeding, but fear that many will revert to their roots and will never make it to the 7 year true to species regrowth required to attain a PVP. A PVP in farmer vernacular is a Plant Variety Protection. Essentially it is a patent for the seeds and protects a farmer's ability to cash in on a new varietal of plant that they have created, and THIS protection is for twenty years. Add a PVP to the World's Hottest Pepper, and the ability to grow it out to fulfill demand and a farmer becomes a very hardworking but wealthy person. The Peppermaster brand is all about encouraging farmers. We have been doing it under the Peppermaster brand since we opened our doors in Rigaud, Quebec in 2004. People often ask us if we cultivate our own peppers, and whereas we do keep at least one pepper plant on the grow at all times, we aren't farmers. We cultivate farmers. Way back then, 100% of our fresh pepper harvest every year was imported. Literally only one farmer was growing any peppers in Quebec, and they were all banana peppers. You had to find a Caribbean shop or an ethnic specialty store to find anything hotter than a jalapeno. We have had lots of allies in our efforts, and we celebrate their participation in helping us create this industry. As a result, today, you can buy ghost peppers at the grocery store highlighting the work we do encouraging local and Quebec farmers to work with us. This firecracker highlights the work of three local Quebec farmers. And last but not least, is the Caribbean Heat firecracker. Peppermaster misses the jungles and reefs of the Bahamas where he spent his formative years. We try to return as often as we can. Alas, it's not the easiest place to visit, so we don't get there anywhere near so often as we would like. This firecracker represents culinary everything that the Peppermaster misses most about his beloved island paradise. These flavours are so true to the islands that you will be magically transported. Whether you use the Hurricane Florence to spice up a meal or Jerk a chicken with the Straight Jerk or barbecue a pork chop with BBQ Bahamas. If you want to make it really Bahamian, add a Peas and Rice recipe. A beloved Bahamian Folk artist named Ronnie Butler used to sing; "A little peas and rice, dey taste nice". Each firecracker contains 3 x 45 ml size jar of the products which we have put together using the information we gathered from our existing customers, in the hopes that their choices will be suitable for you and your gift recipients. These packages are wonderful as hostess gifts, birthday or anniversary gifts, or simply because you want to surprise someone by adding a splash of colour to their lives. And if you just happen to be a food blogger or vlogger contact Tina Brooks to get on our Taste Tester's list! We leave you with a little reminder that all of our gift packaging is available for your own corporate branded gift giving, or for white labelling. You can use your own special label or message. Contact Tina to get the details. And before you click away on your internet travels. Enjoy a little Bahamian Calypso from Ronnie Butler, he died in 2017, but his music lives on in the heart of every Bahamian. We hope the opportunity to hear him perform the year before he died. We hope you like it as much as we do.

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