HOT, HOT, HOT, chocolate special for this year's gift giving!

Hot, Hot, Hot, Cool. We started offering a Hot Chocolate Special gift for you for this holiday season. It's a package deal with three kinds of hot chocolate, plus The Antidote from Peppermaster, to warm your tongue and tummy in the winter. The package includes our three chocolate concoctions and a bonus jar of The Antidote:
  1. Molten Chocolates, Scorpion Pepper jelly covered in rich hot chocolate, and made in partnership with The Newfoundland Chocolate Company, 100 gr box
  2. White Chocolate Reaper Sauce, recently reviewed by Bishop Brad and ideal for making a hot cup of white chocolate milk, or spooning a dollop into a thimble cookie. 225 gm jar
  3. Chili Chocolate Sauce, which obviously will make an outstanding mug of hot chocolate (as will the white chocolate reaper). If you're ready for a stronger drink, then add a spoonful to your martini shaker with a couple of ounces of vodka for an end of the week martini. 225 gm jar
  4. Bonus 45ml jar of L’antidote, our maple-cream coulis to tame the heat and cool your tongue.
This special was offered until December 20, 2019! -- page has been updated to reflect product package no longer available as of January 1, 2020

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