Vegetarian Cooking Classes with Food Guru Siri Bandhu

OMG, you guys!

This Saturday is the first class, and if you haven't signed up, you need to.

If you like good food, and you really want more vegetarian in your life that isn't plant-based faux meat, take these classes. You'll learn more about feeding your spirit with food than you ever thought was possible.

Siri Bandhu is a really old friend of Greg's. They have been soul friends since the moment they met. This lady brings to vegetarian cooking what the Peppermaster brings to peppers.

Specializing in Sikh soul food, Siri runs an internationally renowned vegetarian B&B in Ottawa, the Peppermaster and I stay there when we overnight in Ottawa, which has been often over the last 20 years. Artisans, Spiritual leaders and teachers, international travellers, and vegetarians, all stay at Siri's B&B when in town.

In these classes she'll inspire you to create more vegetarian dishes than she teaches. We invite you to join us!


WELCOME to Plant-Based Cuisine!   

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This THREE-CLASS series premieres delicious, quick, simple, nutritious seasonal basics. Then we foray into the creative with organic kitchen basics with a bit of ZING!  Entrees, side dishes, desserts/breakfasts, and snacks Ideas, tools, devices, and storage, gluten-free and dairy options…


 Did I mention fun? Our gathering will include everyone’s insights, questions and result evaluation. Both laughing and scoffing are allowed

BONUS:  list of Peppermaster products for those who like it hot!


CLASS SCHEDULE:  Saturdays @ 1:00-33

  • 5, December Asian Broccoli stir fry or Tofu Rancheros, side dish/es
  • 12, December… Carrot/Acorn Squash Soup w/apples, coconut & sides
  • 19, December…to be discussed & decided (no tofurky ever)

N.B.: Before every class. Shopping list (with choice options) will be sent to you.



One Class $45 or register for all 3 classes only $99!  You save 33%!

Click HERE to REGISTER FOR ANY CLASS @ $45        



About Siri Bandhu, your virtual chef:

Siri Bandhu runs the vegetarian kitchens of Downtown Bed and Breakfast with fresh and wholesome ingredients that she skillfully prepares for guests.
Her extensive knowledge of nutrition and thoughtful exploration of flavour combinations in her dishes is joyously shared with you to not only inform you as to why what you’re eating is good for you, but also why you’ll be as passionate about food as she does! This woman is an artist.
Siri dishes out heart-centred delicious meals with out-of-this world flavours, sides of sass with a heaping dollop of soul! 
Each time I’ve had the fortune of sharing a meal with Siri I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and currents trends in modern cuisine. The love Siri has of preparing new and exciting meals, and then sharing what she knows (with great fun and humour too, sometimes we are laughing so much the cooking takes back-burner!), is a testament from a woman who has seen healing from “food as medicine”. 
If you want to add pizzazz and excitement to your meal-prep repertoire, check out her online classes! -- Sharon Bromberg

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