Goatpeppers, Bird Peppers, and Seeds; It Must Be January!

There was a time, here at Peppermaster, when the biggest thought of our day was about where our next batch of peppers would come from. Watching the local Pepper market grow the last two decades has been exciting and satisfying to help nurture. Nowadays for individual farmers getting fresh seeds for the season's grow is the challenge, especially for farmers in developing markets.

Our Haitian Farmer has planted goatpeppers and bird pepper and we are committed to helping him get them to market. After, all, not anyone can grow a goatpepper or a bird pepper that tastes like it was grown in the islands. Cross your fingers that 2022 is the year!

Meanwhile, back here at home, our local pepper growers have all turned their requests to referrals for trustworthy seed suppliers. It must be January!

Now is the time when you'll want to get your seeds started, as you'll want to start them indoors, so they are nice and solidly established by May when you can possibly put them into the ground. Here are some of our favourite seed suppliers. It's a permanent link on our webpage, so we invite you to bookmark it.

If you have any favourites of your own, Let us know, and we will add them to the list!


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