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The very first product inspired by my experiences with Hurricanes in the Bahamas from 1956 onwards.....

I tracked hurricanes as a child with paper and pencil growing up in the Bahamas. I still track them to this day.
Sometimes a hurricane will blow so hard it will rip all the peppers off the bush (and the leaves) and throw them into the sea, like Hurricane Betsy did in 1965. Our two local peppers, the little bird pepper and my favourite pepper the goat pepper would be gone for many weeks. After the storm had passed imported peppers like habaneros and scotch bonnets would soon arrive in Nassau. I found that a blend of habanero and scotch bonnets had a close flavour to the goat pepper so I would mix them together to mimic the goat pepper, and so my Original Hurricane Mash was born. The freshest, simplest most flavourful fresh pepper sauce in the world.
This is the base concept behind my line of Hurricanes which now contains a series of 10 with heat levels from 0 to 13.....
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