Peppermaster Popcorn Pops!

Greg and I will often use the Peppermaster Steak Spice on popcorn, it gives an amazing flavour and really just pops, pardon the pun. We ALWAYS add real butter though, so the idea of adding any of hot sauce seemed to scream, "you'll soak the popcorn!", and there is nothing worse than soaking wet popcorn, amiright? So, when local Montreal artist Jennifer R. Cook asked if she could do a visual review of some of our products, I sent her a Peppermaster Firecracker. Perhaps you've seen these for sale in our shop or at one of our shows? They contain the Hurricane Mash, the Fusion Fire and the Jerk Curry. These are our three favourite sauces and our best sellers. Per Jennifer's directions, simply add a tsp of the Peppermaster hot sauce to the melted butter and drizzle it onto the finished popcorn. Nice and spicy! Enjoy!

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