The Insanity is Continual! Tina Petitions the Federal Government!

I sat down at my computer today to tell you all about the White paper I spent the month of January writing. The research took, literally, 19 years, mostly because we didn't know we were researching something. The White paper ends up being a treatise with detailed scientific research to hopefully convince you that glyphosates, broadleaf herbicides, pesticides and surfactants need to be removed from food. It's a brilliant paper, if I do say so myself, and I was really only writing it to show our existing and new customers how important local organic food really is. Except that while writing the document I discovered a little bit of information that really demands the implementation of a piece of legislation here in Canada! Now, I can't actually tell you about it, yet, because, you see, as a result, I've written a petition to the Federal Government to get that legislation created. I posted the petition to the Government of Canada website yesterday, and now I'm waiting for the Government to allow it to be sent out to request the sponsors I invited. It requires five. So now, we wait for a bureaucrat to look at it and decide it's legit enough to go out through their system. Once five sponsors have signed onto the Petition, it will go to a Minister of Parliament who will sign it into "existence". My MP is Peter Schiefke. He's a nice guy, so I'm hoping he'll sign it. At THAT point, it will go live and then I can tell you all the details! From that moment, I will have 120 days ie, until Canada Day to pull in 500 signatures. If I get those signatures, then come Fall Session in the House of Commons, my MP would read the petition into the order paper. So, that's kind of exciting. If the petition makes it to that point, I become a Federal Government Lobbyist. Because once on the order paper, I have until that session of Parliament dies to get SOME MP to bring it to legislation. THAT's the hard part. It's a fascinating process I have begun that could very possibly culminate in the implementation of legislation and I will need your help, and the help of everyone you know! I look forward to telling you all about it. If you want to ensure you get all the up and snuff on the details as they play out, follow me on Twitter, like our page on Facebook, subscribe to this newsfeed, or sign up for our newsletter via mailchimp. This is possibly the geekiest thing I have ever done, and I really look forward to walking through this process with all of your support. After all, this wouldn't be happening if YOU didn't like the Peppermaster's work so much. So, thank you all for that. With your help we really are changing the world one pepper at a time.

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