Sexy Salsa Tango – #Salsa4Change Update

Well, we're breathing a little easier these days even if we don't know what actually happened to CIDEM-Techno. It doesn't seem to matter either. Thanks so much to everyone who is helping us to move this project forward. We are expecting success to come of it and ask that you keep sharing the project with your friends, we really do need all the help we can get on this project.

Our current count for cases pre-sold: 104

We want to send a shoutout to Andrew Carter of CJAD AM 800 here in Montreal for having Greg on his show this week!

Everyone keeps asking what we need in order to make this project a reality. Ultimately, if we can pre-sell another 30 cases, we can begin the move and the hiring! The longer it takes to sell the cases of salsa, the longer it will take to implement the project.

Together we can make the 30 jobs a reality.

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