Peppermaster sauces available at Folie du Cafe, Ste. Eustache Market

We don't do much in the way of wholesale at Peppermaster. We really enjoy the direct to consumer model. Farmers markets, seasonal shows, our own little shop, and our online store. We get to meet and know our customers, and what they like best so that we can provide more of what we love to make and they love to eat... ...and yet, sometimes, we find that what they want is to find our sauces a bit closer to home. So, for our loyal customers, who need to have steady access to us, and to help them save on gas...we're very pleased to offer our delicious products at Folie du Cafe, Ste. Eustache Market. Open Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays at the corner of fifth Avenue and first avenue. Go south through the snack bar, turn right and it's the "cafe" a couple of corners over, right next to the cheese curd. Mmmm...cheese curds and hot sauce. You know what you can make with that? Friday Night Poutine with Gingered Zucchini! Yum Vous trouverez nos sauces maintenants au Marché aux Puces, Saint-Eustache! Notre ami Richard et ses collègues sont heureux de vous faire dégustez nos sauces! Visiter le stand au coin de 1e Avenue et 5e Avenue dans le marché permenant en arrière de la caisse croûte. Trouvez le stand, et dégustez tout ce que la Folie du Café vous offre et partez avec vos favoris du Peppermaster! Quel bel aventure! (Non disponibles durant les films!)

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