Peppermaster on The Rockpile Report - A Buffalo Bills Podcast

Rockpile Report Logo We're very excited that Peppermaster sauces will be featured on the next edition of Buffalo Bills fan podcast The Rockpile Report. We're going to give Drew a special code to give his fans to use for a 25% discount on their first bottle of Hurricane Mash, one of the featured sauces. It will be valid until November 14, 2017. To get the code, listen in on the show. The Rockpile Report November 7, 2017 9pm Show host Drew Gier was drawn into Tina's Pepperfire web when he was sampling Ed's reapers in a local restaurant, and they ended up tweeting, next thing she know's, she's sending off a box of Jewels of Fire and Ice. Drew's response? "...I'm sold after that first taste, can't wait for Tuesday to try the rest on some wings & pizza. I'll start adding a link to your website in our weekly show write up I'm a big believer in small businesses and entrepreneurship, and enjoy supporting people who truly do care not just about making a profitable product, but making a quality product. I can say that in trying just 2 of these, I immediately resent this bottle of Franks Red Hot here next to me - tasting it side by side with yours, you can clearly taste the salt and it has an unpolished finish. I've been experimenting with your sauces for days, and can honestly say that the products are fantastic. I've saved some of the best of them (Jerk, Hurricane Irma, Fusion Fire & GoatPepper) to try with chicken wings on air during our next podcast, which will be released on Tuesday Nov. 7th around 9pm EST in case anyone was interested in listening to our critique. My producer isn't as much of a chili-fiend as I am, however he appreciates great sauces and I feel like the flavor profile of these sauces will prove to be fantastic. On a weekly basis, I'll include a link to the Peppermaster website so that our interested listeners don't have to go searching to go find your products! If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me. Thanks again!" Hey, thank YOU Drew! We're thrilled to have made a new Chilipal. [caption id="attachment_639" align="alignleft" width="700"]Jewels of Fire and Ice Jewels of Fire and Ice[/caption]

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