Hey Montreal! Peppermaster and Urban Bonfire!

Hey Montreal! Pictured above you see Peppermaster Jerk Curry chicken, grilled by Montreal's Urban Bonfire on a Saber Grill available at Urban Bonfire, Montreal - April 26, 2014. A true marriage of country and city, this is about bringing the bonfire home. Did you say, urban bonfire? We hear "barbecue", Canadian style. Urban Bonfire was sampling our Peppermaster Jerk Curry on beautiful locally grown chicken for their customers. Yum. They used the beautiful Saber grill in the photo for the event. If you throw barbecues, or just like grilling at home, take the time to either visit our new friends' website or better yet, visit their shop in St. Henri. Their stock of tools and equipment for the home barbecuer and smoker is of the utmost quality. They even have a hand-picked selection of some of the finest barbecue food products you'll find anywhere. In the meantime, let us introduce you to our friends: Stay tuned! -- Updated January 3, 2020

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