Peppermaster and the UN Sustainability Development Goals - 2021 - Updated

Being in food production we take our food sources very seriously. We have discovered that simply the ability to cook a food ingredient into a finished product is insufficient. One must examine their sources and the cost of those sources with an eye to not only what that ingredient costs the manufacturer, but indeed also with an eye to what that ingredient costs the planet.

In 2020, Tina petitioned the Canadian Federal Government to get glyphosates out of the food chain. Her research showed that this single chemical, massively used in agriculture and forestry kills everything that grows in the dirt, except for the plant they want growing. It is persistent and will runoff into our lakes and streams, eventually killing everything in its path right into the oceans.

We expect that sometime over the next decade we will actually see serious action to get it out of food, but it will take time and aggressive action. The massive food lobby refuses to believe that it can actually feed everyone without using gigantic food farms and feed lots and these use huge quantities of glyphosates, and if things don't change it will only get worse.

Our production is expanding and we are constantly bringing on new clients who want cleaner ingredients. This improves our products making them more appealing to our customers, both commercial and retail.

This year we had the opportunity to take a close look at and update how the UN Goals for Sustainable Development works with our company in order to apply for a Government Grant.

These goals are specifically designed to achieve greater sustainability for everyone. They address all of the different challenges faced by people everywhere. These challenges include poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.

If you've been following us for a while, then you're already well aware of how these goals apply to us. We decided to promote again how important they are to us, and we've borrowed the official visual below.

We believe that International Food Security should not be left to those whose only desire is financial enrichment. Good food stewardship is required and we will strive to promote this at every turn.

We hope you will be demanding these changes and pushing the envelope with us!

 This is theirs... These are ours...
UN Sustainable Development Goals - Source Government of Canada 2018

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