Naga Pepper Bush Competition

A few years ago, as you all know, we were gifted some seeds from Joy Michaud of Dorset England. We've been growing them out in Yakima Washington with Krueger farms, a brilliant organic farmer who makes Joy's seeds worthy of our gratitude for the gift. Greg Brooks, our Peppermaster has been crushing them raw into a beautiful mash called Yakima Ghost Fire. That said, Joy and her Husband Michael are holding a competition that we believe you're all going to find fun! Sadly, I just found out about it, so you have to enter right away if you want to be included, as it closes to entries TOMORROW! So, here's the bush: [caption id="attachment_728" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Can you tell how many peppers will have been picked from this bush at final count?"]Photo of Jack with a large Dorset Naga bush, covered in peppers[/caption] Enter the competition with your guess at Sea Spring Seeds.

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