Free Shipping for Peppermaster Club Members!

So, I bet you came here expecting to get a coupon code or something that would tell you how to get Free Shipping from us, because after all, Amazon offers Free Shipping on any order above $35 CAD.

Well, we would love to be able to offer you Free Shipping all year long. Alas that is not  even remotely possible and let us explain why.

When you order $35 worth of Peppermaster Local brand product from us, you are generally ordering several products designed for Ecolocal grocery store sales, and thus earn us very low margins.

When you order $35 worth of Peppermaster brand premium products from us, you may be purchasing as few as one bottle of product from us.

Based on orders that we receive we need you to know that Canada Post is going to charge us these prices out of the gate, no matter whether you order one product or ten.

City Price for our average size box
Montreal $19.93
Toronto $18.19
Vancouver $27.07
New York City $41.19
Los Angeles $51.73
Anchorage $51.73
Paris $70.72
London $70.72
Rio de Janeiro $82.23
Johannesburg $84.46
Sydney $78.22


As you can see, if we offer free shipping given our International customer base, we will lose money constantly and that is no good for anyone.

Instead of offering free shipping, we made the decision, instead, to offer sales discounts, and quantity discounts that would, (should) cover the cost of shipping for our best customers.

Members of our Peppermaster Club are absolutely our best customers and as such deserve the most reward for supporting us.

When you order AND you are a member of the Peppermaster Club, simply enter the words "Peppermaster Club" in the comments and based on your product choices, the Peppermaster will choose a comparable product for you to try and this will be added to your order at no extra cost.

And we promise that when we become as big as Amazon, we will offer free shipping, again!



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  • Hey Tina, how do I join the Peppermaster Club? Btw, really laughed at the Amazon shipping bit.


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