Ahhh, the Sweet Spice of Life.

Picture this: You come in from the cold and pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate to warm yourself. Your lips tremble in anticipation of the velvety liquid while your nostrils fill with the rich chocolate aroma. The flavour is delicious, rich, full of chocolatey flavour... and it's SPICY! The added heat - that of the chilli pepper - quickly fills you with a warmth, ever more comforting than plain chocolate ever could and it doesn't hurt or burn. It's an intense experience. Created by Greg Brooks for the Peppermaster® brand. Chili Chocolate: a delicately peppered chocolate sauce made with pure, organic, fair trade dark chocolate, heavy cream, tahitian vanilla and infused with the fresh essence and personality of the chili pepper. In addition to enriching this wintery beverage, this unctuous sauce can be used in desserts, such as Poire Belle Helene or chocolate mousse, or even as the secret ingredient for a decadent chili con carne. "I am a fan of both chocolate and pepper", explains Greg, "so, I played around in the kitchen until I managed to finesse this chocolate sauce. It's one of our best sellers - we sold hundreds of them at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto." Chili Chocolate is part of the ever-expanding Peppermaster brand product line that marries the sweet heat. For the majority of these products, the level of heat is kept relatively moderate, just enough to notice and to enhance the flavours of the other ingredients in the product. Raspberries in Heat is a raspberry coulis full of life that can be used as readily in a dessert as for cooking with duck or pork. Ginger Lime is a light sauce, mildly spicy but full of flavour, like the Raspberries in Heat, it can be used for making cocktails or in asian cooking. Manic Mango positively glows with the flavour of mango enhance by the spicy red savina habanero - it is as exquisite as a dessert sauce as it is an inspiration for Thai cooking. Each of these products like many of the rest of the Peppermaster brand line, are available in two heat levels; Junior and Original. -- Translated from vf: La Douceur Épicée de vivre by Suzanne Morel, available here.

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