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A long-time client of ours and serious lover of the chilli pepper, wrote a cookbook, get this, on Twitter.

His name is James Harbeck, really nice guy. Tall. His wife is a Saint. Well, they love our stuff, and James is a bit of a wordsmith. He does this cool geeky thing on Twitter where he tweets his recipes. He tries to do so in a witty, ribald manner. And he succeeds. His recipes are quite humourous.

The guide itself is a beautifully creative print series of the tweets that James has posted. BTW, if you’re on Twitter, you can find James at As I said, he’s a wordsmith and pretty witty, so, give him a follow.

He loves the Peppermaster. This is a snapshot of the forward to his book…

Forward to James Harbeck's Asshole's Guide Cooking, Volume 1

Forward to James Harbeck’s Asshole’s Guide Cooking, Volume 1

We did not hire James, he does this because, like all of us, he loves the Peppermaster’s work. As I understand it, Volume 2 has just been published. If you have Twitter folks in your life, this is their cookbook. I have a couple of copies of this book available in the shop.

Here is a sample I published of one of James’ recipes, …

the Cream of Anything Casserole.

If you try the recipe, let me know what you think.

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