One of the funniest reactions to a tasting occurred this year.

A young fellow about 13 tasted The Reaper and when the heat came on, he asked someone for a drink. His uncle not thinking, except to cool off his poor nephew, accidentally offered up his beer.

Sampling world’s hottest pepper has become a rite of passage at Brome Fair and this year was no exception. So far, the record for youngest Reaper taster stands at age five.

Often, parents fall to the side of caution warning the youngers kids away from the reaper and occasionally a parent allows their kids to touch the stove. This year was another repeat of that.

The most memorable tastings are always those by the little ones who somehow managed to confound their parents when they begin to eat hot peppers.

Usually such kids are discovering jalapenos. Sometimes, we’ll find little guys who are so into the heat that they’ll want that Reaper like it’s the only pepper in this world.

It’s always a treat to watch when I don’t Groove into the Heat and the flavor of the super Hots, but it’s even more fun to watch that ecstasy in a little kid!!
The youngest fellow to take home a jar of Reaper is now 7!

I’ll let that sink in.


PS. At the risk of being obvious…don’t fear the reaper!

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