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It’s Friday night. Like you, I come home from work after a long hard week.I have just come from the Rigaud Farmers Market across the street with loads of basics and fresh stuff.

I have a refreshing drink and then a look-see for dinner as I’m a visual chef. I like to see all my supplies. I look in the fridge and see all sorts of leftovers, so Tina and I start bringing them all out onto the counter and I know I have to use the older food before the new. I’m hungry and don’t have much time so I begin heating up a pan as I see that new potatoes will be the focus. Tina asks what we are having and I tell her honestly that I am not sure what the end result will be at the beginning.

I have referenced all the food sources, and they are local, so replace ingredients you can’t get with similar things that you do have access to. Peppermaster sauces in this recipe can be ordered at these links:
Peppermaster Pantry Ginger Syrup
Peppermaster Junior Steak Spice

Here is dinner:

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Peppermaster Friday Night Poutine with Gingered Zucchini
Gingered Zuchinni
Gingered Zuchinni
Peppermaster Friday Night Poutine with Gingered Zucchini
  1. Sauté chunked potatoes in olive oil.
  2. Add Steak Spice.
  3. Add chopped up beef and fry, mixing lightly with a firm scraper.
  4. Cover, and without touching, fry/steam for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Scrape the bottom of the pan, mix lightly to release steam, cover and repeat 2-3 times until you get crunchies.
  6. During the last frying, reduce heat by half and leave the lid off while you cook the zukes.
Gingered zuchinni
  1. Cut the zukes lengthways.
  2. Get smooth pan hot and bubbly with butter and ginger syrup.
  3. Place the cut side up and continue to caramelize the ginger.
  4. After 2 minutes carefully flip the cut sides down and turn up the heat to med high for 1 minute, as you begin assembling.
  1. Take two flat bowls and place one-quarter of the potato and beef mixture in the bottom.
  2. Tuck in pieces of cheese curd so that they are tight up against hot chunks of beef or potato.
  3. Place the second half of the portion to cover the cheese.
  4. If you want extra gravy pour it on now.
  5. Flip the Gingered Zucchini on top and to one side and voila: Peppermaster Friday Night Poutine with Gingered Zucchini.
  6. Can be made any day or night of the week!
Recipe Notes

Notes and Variations:
The ingredients for this complete meal are local, and/or use a slow fair trade philosophy.

What does local mean?

Is it packaged locally? Are ALL the ingredients in the locally packaged product local? If not, how much? Is the packaging itself local? Is the company local or is the owner of the company local? How far does local extend? (Did you know that according to Canada local here means ALL of Quebec PLUS a 50km zone into neighbouring jurisdictions. Including the USA? As you can see Local can be a very complex statement, and unless qualified, misleading.

Try substituting the meat and gravy for Lobster and Bechamel, or Pulled Pork and BBQ Sauce, or Foie Gras and duck fat gravy, or even a wild seasonal mushroom mix.

You can leave the gravy out too.

Have fun with it, and if you invent some great variation take a photo and let us know how you made it!

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