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The Government of Canada has determined that food manufacturing and grocery stores are considered essential services because of the all important words that our regular customers constantly hear us throw around: “LOCAL FOOD SECURITY”. The Pandemic is showing EVERYONE exactly why we believe local food security is the most important thing of all especially when your food supply chains break down or show their inherent weaknesses.

When the pandemic first hit, we were extremely concerned that supply chains would break and we would be completely shut down. Well, that’s not happened, yet. Thank our lucky stars, and although our two largest customers expressed outright terror over pending sales, we expect that this sudden economic downturn will not stop us, although it has slowed us down, a little.

Last week we were contacted by a local farmer who suddenly needed a market for more local organic greenhouse tomatoes, their market having suddenly dried up. We are in need of tomatoes, for the salsas we’ve been selling through Lufa Farms, among other things, so this was like manna from heaven, perfect timing. We had just launched the salsa for sale at Lufa Farms, and because of their unique shopping and delivery experience, which is perfectly suited to Isolation shopping. has been slammed with orders and has placed new and unexpected orders. #Blessings

Since our online buying customers are all ramping up their business, it’s a really good time to let everyone know that during this time they can still get our products.

You’ll find a select few at Lufa Farms and a slightly larger selection at Marché CSUR. These products spotlight our implication with local farmers.

As you may know, the Peppermaster and I are putting all of our personal energies into planking that curve at the same time as continuing to make food products. And it’s working, folks! You’re all doing so great, staying home and avoiding each other! Thank you all. From the bottom of my heart. I have isolated at home avoiding all but outside open air contact with anyone and every contact maintains the distance of 6 feet; 2 meters; Sid the Kid’s hockey stick.

The Peppermaster still needs to brave the wholesale food suppliers to make sure we have fresh supplies to continue operating. Fortunately he understands food security and contamination vectors. All hail the Peppermaster.

For those of you who are used to visiting our boutique. You can still visit during this Pandemic, as we have rearranged our shop to accommodate you: Take a look at our extetior Pepper Bar! Fresh air and safe distance.

Greg Brooks, the Peppermaster greets customers at the Pepper Bar

Almost every product we make is now on display in our front window. If you need to browse online, you can order and we will deliver;

You can also order online and pickup from our front porch, Isolation Boutique! You can text us at 5143933430_201 or call (514) 393-3430 ext. 201 to arrange the time of your pick up.

You can also call in or text us your list if you want and we can invoice you via text. You can still choose whether you want to pick up or have it delivered.

At all times you can pay us online safely as we have a secure server and we clear our payments with either Paypal or Moneris. You can order in many ways without using our website:
Phone – (514) 393-3430
Text 514-608-3473
Email – subject: LFS

These orders can be paid using a credit card on our secure server through Moneris if you contact us by phone or you can e-pay directly to our bank account: it is set up for direct deposit.

As an extra bonus, the Peppermaster Bar has tap and contactless smartphones on the POS machine. No touching required.

Thank you all for your support and continued encouragement! You all know who you are! We love you all with all of our hearts!

Tina and the Peppermaster, Greg Brooks

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