Crazy Hot Liquid Fire 250 ml

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Imagine the essence of the chili pepper, all the flavour and heat of the fruit, trapped in an elixir that is avalable to you in but a single drop!

As a single drop is placed upon the tongue your anticipations of the sharp bite of searing fire disappear. A seducing blanket of rich organic cane syrup spreads across your palate, protecting you momentarily, as the nuances of the flavour hidden within the pepper are exposed.

It is there for a moment only, before a rising and inescapable fire grabs your attention; appearing from the point of contact and penetrating deeper into your palate, creeping down the crevices at the back of your throat, firing off taste buds as it passes, blossoming and intensifying everywhere all the while; pushing the flavours of the pepper to fully express themselves before the ever still rising fire from the chillies becomes dominant. There may be several waves like this when first experienced. It certainly grabs your whole attention.

You are left having experienced quite a shift in your awareness and the universe seems crisper and simpler, as the magic that is our perceptual system purges your awareness.

Delivering this experience to you is my magic.


The Peppermaster

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