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Privacy Policy


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Privacy Policy


Brooks Pepperfire Foods Inc. (Pepperfire), owner of the Peppermaster hot sauce brand collects two types of information:

The first is general information regarding the usage of our Web site. We track the number of people who visit each page, where visitors are coming from, how many pages on average are visited, etc.. This information is used to help us constantly improve our site. All of this data is used in aggregate, and we make no effort to track users individually; although your IP address will be noted.

Secondly, Pepperfire gathers and stores all information entered when placing an order on our Web site or over the phone, as well as information received through surveys, contest forms, fax and email communications.

While we do collect your personal credit card information during our checkout process, we do not retain this information once the order has been processed. You can expect to provide a credit card, paypal account access or request C.O.D. delivery every single time you place an order with our site.

Information about our customers and site visitors is an extremely important part of our business. We do not sell, rent, lease, or give away ANY customer information to third parties. Any information we gather is solely used to either fill orders, communicate with our customers and newsletter subscribers or to improve our service and/or products.

We reserve the right to employ others to perform functions such as processing and packaging orders, delivering packages, answering customer emails, sending postal mail, maintaining email lists, marketing and public relations, customer service, and data analysis. If so employed, they would receive access only to information necessary for performing their particular functions and would not have permission to use it for other purposes.

Pepperfire uses industry-standard encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect sensitive information (i.e. your credit card number, address, etc.) you provide during the order process. On site pages where you enter this data, you may notice that the URL in your Web browser begins with https:// rather than http:// which indicates that you are on a secure page of our Web site.

While you are on one of our secure pages, (https://) there will be a lock icon at the bottom of your browser as well. As an added means of security, credit card information is not included in any correspondence we may send to you. Please note that standard email is not encrypted and is not considered a secure means of transmitting credit card numbers. If for whatever reason you do not see this lock or the web browser address fails to become https:// while you are placing your transaction. We ask that you halt the transaction immediately and notify our webmaster: Tina Brooks by email or call (514) 393-3430.

If you would prefer not to order online, please email us or call us at (514) 393-3430 and we will be happy to work out an alternate solution for you!