JANUARY 15, 2010

For Immediate Release
Tina Brooks
(514) 393-3430
Brooks Pepperfire Foods Inc.

Operation Ayiti
Haitian Relief Effort

Rigaud, Quebec – January 15, 2010- International Twitter friends Create Haitian Relief Database to Help Family and Friends Find Survivors

@Pepperfire, @AlexBlom and @SallyWhite, Tweeters from all over the globe team up to create interernationally accessible database of surivivors of the Haitian Earthquake.

Operation Ayiti

Operation Ayiti A new Hand reaching out. Following the recent Earthquake disaster in Haiti, A Group of twitter friends have created a website database solely to collect the names of survivors of the earthquake. The website launched at 3:00 Thursday January 15, and the group expects to have the French and Creole translations available before close of business Friday afternoon. Allowing Haitians everywhere the ability to upload the names of their loved ones.

With the permission of the Canadian Red Cross, Operation Ayiti is now up and running to gather data and allow others to update lists on survivors. will serve as a collection engine for the survivors of the natural disaster and work is being done that will allow the list to be uploaded to International Foreign Affairs departments as well as the International Committee for the Red Cross familylinks database.

Orchestrator, Tina Brooks said “We are creating something here that can be used and mirrored for any future disaster or terrorist attack anywhere in the World.”

The group cites the importance of the database as its uniqueness in collecting the names of survivors, without regard to their nationality or whether or not the information is complete or retraceable. Their sole desire is to give the family and friends of victims of the disaster a place to go to find peace of mind. The database is necessary because the amount of information required to list a survivor in the ICRC is not what one has in hand when the survival report is received via cell phone text message, twitter report, or other word of mouth. Whereas the Foreign Affairs departments require less detailed information to list a missing person, a full name with or without birthdate will suffice, they only collect the information of those who carry their respective passports.

Over the next few days, the website will boast an increasing number of names of survivors and viral social media tools are being used to ask people to post the names of their relatives including Facebook and Twitter.

Operation Ayiti is not collecting donations but will include a resource to allow people to choose from the options available to them to make donations and find other means of participating in the relief efforts.

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For more information contact:

Tina Brooks, VP Marketing
Brooks Pepperfire Foods Inc.
Rigaud, Quebec, Canada
Tel/Fax: 1 (514) 393-3430

Sally White or Michael White
The Old Bank House
Main Street, Kyle of Lochalsh
Ross-shire IV40 8AB
Scotland UK
Tel 01599 534283

Alex Blom
Digital Media Specialist
Tel: 1 (289) 887-6792

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  1. Hi Tina, This is a great idea and will do some tweeting on it as it appears it will take a long time to rebuild; and of course you can’t replace those lost.

    But I’m reading a lot of “charities” cropping up “to help”. Of course they are anything but kosher.

    To stay on the SAFE side, it is a great idea to check with AIP daily (American Institute Of Philanthropists) at It grades each charity and shows the top ten. Type in “Haiti” in their search engine and it will tell you the best and the not so best (of which to donate).

    Thanks for helping people who are unable to help themselves. That is a real blessing.

    Cheers x0 Rick and Lee

  2. Hey Rick! Thanks so much for all of your help! We have expanded our reach and I will be making alterations to my peppermaster blog.

    For charities, we will be driving our relief efforts through the organizations that we have personally been working with iow, They are a registered Canadian Charity, on the ground in Haiti for many years, caring for over 600 children and nearly 50 staff, and I can vouch for them personally. For whatever reason, they are not listed in

    Needless to say, we have decided to leave the fundraising to the fundraisers. We are concentrating our efforts on helping organize volunteers to help family and friends find family and friends.

    I have been given a green light by Brooks Pepperfire to concentrate my efforts and energies on helping the Diaspora. It is difficult to grasp the situation when you think that all 800,000 members of the Montreal Haitian community are grieving.

    So, for helpers…

    We are in desperate need of tweeters to follow @operationAyiti and retweet the messages, so we can help rescue people trapped and help connect with people both in the disaster areas

    We are in desperate need of volunteers to examine and tag the photos in the database at

    We are in desperate need of volunteers to help us blog success and rescue stories as there are many!

    We need people who can speak French and/or Kreyol so they can help us make phone calls to Haiti.

    It is my intent to help reconnect as many people as possible to alleviate the overwhelming sense of despair that is hanging over this disaster.

    Much love to you both for helping!


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