Rum Friday was a bit of an extravaganza, this week. Greg and Dom put together a treat of ground beef, bacon and cheese that made our mouth’s water and were delectable in the eating.

The extravaganza came about as a result of one of Dom’s home recipe posts on Facebook. The image of HIS sushi roll triggered a flurry of email and post activity and many a demand was made for the recipe. Never ones to ignore the call of the madding crowd, Here it is, in it’s photogenicity. It received over a thousand shares on our Facebook page, so we felt it was a good idea to get the recipe out as quickly as possible.

The finished sushi roll was decorated with Peppermaster Jalapeno Rings (available only in the Rigaud-based Peppermaster Hot Sauce Shop).

Peppermaster meat bacon sushi with jalapeno rings and BBQ Bahamas

A friend commented that it’s not sushi if there’s no rice, so to maintain the sushi title, we recommend serving it with rice.

At home, we’d make the roll with local grass fed meats and local homemade cheddar cheese, but due to time constraints, neither was immediately available, so for the purposes of the recipe, our conventionals supplier made the cut. P’tit Quebec is a well-known brand, which we learned writing this blog, is made by Kraft Canada, and is actually made in Ontario. At home, Greg and I would have used an imported organic cheddar. So, if you know of any local cheddar cheese producers organic or all-natural, do let us know about them, as soon as possible.

meat bacon sushi 2

This photo-recipe makes 8 sushi rolls with 12 bite size pieces. – We made them with the roll size as the width of the strip of bacon, for better photos, and they were sloppy to eat. They’d be fine to serve as meat medallions if barbecuing or as a main course, so, if you want them sushi size, for appetizers, cut the bacon strips in half. Accumulate the ingredients in the photo to begin. We used a mix of two to one, Pork to beef. This can be done with a variety of meats quite well. We’re considering doing one with seafood.

meat bacon sushi 3

Tear the meats into loonie sized pieces and mix them together in a large mixing bowl.

Sprinkle the meat mixture with a generous sprinkling of Peppermaster Junior Steak Spice, (also available in the Peppermaster classic label), then blend the meat mixture well to incorporate the steak spice.

If you’re going to substitute someone else’s steak spice, be careful about the salt content, the conventional brands contain upwards of five times the salt of the Peppermaster Steak Spices.

meat bacon sushi 4

Slice the bacon in half and then before you begin, take special note of the way the sticks in the bamboo mat are laid out horizontally and lay the bacon strips perpendicular to those, overlapping them slightly, covering the entire width of the sushi mat. This perpendicular overlap is required for the roll to work properly.

We used conventional bacon for this recipe but would have preferred to have Ferme A.Lauzon’s bacon, unfortunately, we await the next pig harvest. Alain has, as yet, failed to grow an all-bacon pig and he like us, won’t allow genetic modifications. We all agree though, that no matter how great the animal is, there is never enough bacon to pig ratio.

If you’re making the bite sized sushi rolls, there should be a large bit of sushi mat that will not be covered by the bacon widths, so begin laying out the strips of bacon from the top of the sushi mat. You will have excess mat on the side that is towards you when you prepare to roll.

meat bacon sushi 5

Cover the arranged bacon with the meat mixture and then lay a strip of cheese the length of the half-width of bacon. Here we used a 1 inch square length of cheese, for the bite size sushi the cheese should be no bigger than a half inch cube the width of the sushi mat. You can arrange a row of cheese if it doesn’t come in long enough strips. Surround the ends of the cheese at the sides of the sushi mat with a generous meat ball to keep the cheese from melting all over your baking tray. Dom tells us, THIS is VERY important.

meat bacon sushi 6

Now comes the sushi roll technique. Have fun, it may take a little practice to perfect.

The roll starts with the end holding the cheese. Grab the first stick in and begin to lift the meat roll, pushing it up and away from you. As you roll forward, fold, the sushi mat back towards you, away from the meat roll and simply keep rolling the length of the bacon widths.

meat bacon sushi 7

Easy over! Don’t forget to unroll the sushi mat as the roll comes together.

Squeeze the roll tightly, so it stays together, paying special attention to the butt ends, we want those meat balls to stay in place during the baking.

meat bacon sushi 8

meat bacon sushi 9

Once rolled, set the sushi out on a rack on a baking sheet. You’ll want it raised so the bacon fat can drip away.

Coat the sushi roll with Peppermaster BBQ Bahamas sauce. When Dom Wells made this originally, he used the Peppermaster Red Fresno Sweet Chili Sauce.

meat bacon sushi 10

Bake the sushi rolls for an hour in a 425 F / 220 C degree oven.

meat bacon sushi 11

Allow the rolls to rest for about ten minutes so they are cool enough to manipulate.

Slice them into sushi rolls and serve with rice (remember we’re staying true to the sushi title.)

Bon appetit or as they say in the Bahamas; Dig in.

Peppermaster meat bacon sushi with jalapeno rings and BBQ Bahamas

— This blog/recipe was originally presented as a photo recipe on the Peppermaster Sauces Facebook Page.

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