All About Brooks Pepperfire Foods


Corporate History

The home of Peppermaster Brand Products, made with fresh peppers.

The company was formed in 2004 as the brainchild of Greg and Tina Brooks. They put their minds and their hearts together to create what is today known as Brooks Pepperfire Foods. Against many odds they have persevered, all the while Greg is working with peppers almost daily, adding to his knowledge of how to draw out, augment and preserve the flavours of his beloved peppers, represented in his personal brand, Peppermaster.

After a series of very well received forays into private label packaging for RBC, Compuquote,  and several private couples’ weddings, in 2007 Greg and Tina officially launched their co-pack services by signing their first client who would soon require them to begin planning their move to a larger kitchen. They began producing a wider range of products. Also in2007 they received a mandate from Transfair Canada (now Fair Trade Canada) to create the market for Fair Trade certified chilli peppers.

2008 saw the Company named as one of Canada’s Top Ten Food innovators by Food in Canada Magazine.

Later in 2008 the company has grown to establish themselves as THE premium Canadian hot sauce maker. 2012 Specializing in small-batch high quality ingredients with an eye on Farm to Fork, the company now cooks for 8 brands and maintains a steady growth track that highlights their self-proclaimed status as pepper pioneers in the food revolution.

By 2015,, Brooks Pepperfire Foods inc. had carved out a niche for itself as the go to custom small batch specialty production copacker.


Our Guiding Principles

  • We seek food that is rich and delectable, designed to thrill the most discerning palate.
  • We explore nourishing choices for both us and the planet and we wish to share that with you. We invite you to the magic at our table.
  • We eat the way we live, with a knowledge that our presence and choices have an impact on the world.
  • We demand multi-dimensional quality.
  • We seek the finest ingredients we can get and we encourage our suppliers to provide us with consistently improving quality.
  • We use a Slow Fair Trade philosophy to select our suppliers and ingredients. We use company resources and fundraising efforts to help them improve, encouraging sustainability.

What we do…

New Customers, New Capabilities

With the signing of new customers in 2012 Brooks Pepperfire foods now offers Internationally accepted Fair Trade certifications as well as Canada Organic’s certifications.

  • Specialty Small Batch Co-Pack

    Brooks Pepperfire Foods co-packs products under the brand names; Sexy Salsa, Cucina Mirella, Haitian Fire, Chef Jono, The Healthy Butcher and many others.

  • White Label Packaging Services

    Brooks Pepperfire Foods offers their Peppermaster brand recipes for products to use for ad specialties, gift offerings and even such things as wedding bonbonnieres.

  • Recipe Development

    Brooks Pepperfire Foods’ strengths lies in the abilities of the Peppermaster, Greg Brooks. His culinary skill is evident in his ability to work with the world’s hottest chilli peppers while maintaining rich flavour and a brilliant sense of balance in his recipes. The premier choice for bringing an idea or simple recipe to forumulation, Brooks Pepperfire Foods specializes in creating formulas that any co-packer can follow with ease.



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