Hey Montreal!

Pictured above you see Peppermaster Jerk Curry chicken, grilled by Montreal’s Urban Bonfire on a Saber Grill – April 26, 2014.

You’ve been asking us for years to get active in wholesaling our product and honestly, we think that as inconvenient as our product may be to purchase, we cannot jeopardize the quality by mass wholesaling. So we won’t. But we can make our product a little more available with the help of some friends. These very convincing friends’ urged us to do a little reinventing of the wheel, so, very soon we’re going to be introducing a new pilot project with Montreal’s BBQ hot spot; Urban Bonfire.

Located at 4619 Notre Dame Street West in Saint Henri, architects for Montreal’s best outdoor entertainment spaces, one-stop barbecue, outdoor entertainment wizards, Urban Bonfire aims to bring great food, great spaces together in the spirit of entertaining.

They contacted us to see about carrying our products in their shop and because they wanted to use them for their entertaining as they’re such great products. We really like what these guys are doing with their company, we share a lot of the same customers, and they really wanted to partner with us. So, when we explained why we’d stopped wholesaling the brand, they were crestfallen, but became even more interested in finding a way to partner with Brooks Pepperfire Foods Inc. and the Peppermaster brand.

It didn’t take much convincing, Greg and I both grew up celebrating food around campfires, me camping, Greg in the Bahamian bush, much like the fellas at Urban Bonfire did at their cottage. We saw their vision, we live their celebration of food, WHO better to work with to bring Peppermaster into the heart of the city?

A true marriage of country and city, this is about bringing the bonfire home. Did you say, urban bonfire? We hear “barbecue”, Canadian style.

Today, Greg and I are thrilled to announce the Peppermaster Urban Bonfire collaboration.

Starting soon, you’ll be able to purchase our best sellers at the centrally located boutique as well as register for a series of Urban Bonfire hosted barbecue extravaganzas featuring our very own Peppermaster, Greg Brooks among other Montreal celebrity Chefs!

Today, in anticipation of these events, Urban Bonfire was sampling our Peppermaster Jerk Curry on beautiful locally grown chicken for their customers. Yum. They used the beautiful Saber grill in the photo for the event.

If you throw barbecues, or just like grilling at home, take the time to either visit our new friends’ website or better yet, visit their shop in St. Henri. Their stock of tools and equipment for the home barbecuer and smoker is of the utmost quality. They even have a hand-picked selection of some of the finest barbecue food products you’ll find anywhere.

We’ll let you know when the shelves are fully stocked and what the barbecue schedule will be, we’re just ironing out the final details.

In the meantime, let us introduce you to our friends:

Stay tuned!

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