Wow. All that fresh local goodness in this one amazing quick meal. Free range and antibiotic-free hormone-free beef. Fresh baked 9 Grain Baguette. The best creamiest goat cheese I have ever eaten. All flavoured up with my own Peppermaster Marinara, Tina’s Pickled Peppers and to my serving, a fresh crackling of hot Pepper Pepper.

Fast Food just needs some intentional  planning to be Good Food.


Grains de Saveurs 9 Grain Baguette 8” cut horizontally
Rigaud Farmers’ Market Mayonnaise/Mustard your choice
Ferme Lauzon Striploin Cooked medium rare, sliced thin, and cold
Fresh Goat Cheese in small dollops
Peppermaster Pickled Peppers in 1” chunks
Peppermaster Marinara 5 x 1 tsp dollops
Pepper Pepper to taste


Layer the above ingredients and arrange them artfully. Bake in a hot 450F oven for 3-4 minutes.

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