More reviews! Scott Roberts tries out four of our sauces

Scott Roberts (@ScottRoberts) gave four of our sauces thorough reviews on his website:  THE OFFICIAL SCOTT ROBERTS WEB SITE

Here are the scores:

Peppermaster Junior Chili Chocolate 4/5

Red Savina Mango Sauce 4.5/5

Nirvana Naga 2.5/5

Sweet Goatpepper Chili Sauce 4/5

Check out what Scott had to say — do you agree? Leave us a comment, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “More reviews! Scott Roberts tries out four of our sauces

  1. I’m shocked that the Red Savina Mango was picked as the tastiest of the bunch. Shocked I tell you!

    I have heard wonderous things about the chocolate sauces, so I’ll have to get my hands on them at some point.

    Excellent to see you getting this sort of exposure!

  2. I wouldn’t be too surprised, Kyle, consider that what he reviewed was the Peppermaster Junior Chili Chocolate. Scott’s bias is towards heat. Perhaps if he’d sampled the Peppermaster Chili Chocolate we’d have heard even louder raves for the product. For a chilihead, like Scott, wussy chocolate obviously doesn’t cut it.

    I’m a little surprised that he rated the Naga Nirvana as low as he did, though, it was one of our best sellers at the Christmas shows this year.

    Fwiw, individual tastes often dictate different responses to different sauces. That’s part of the reason why we make so many.

    We’re pleased to see the exposure we’re getting too. We’ve been told that we’re going to be reviewed in this Spring’s Hot Sauce guide in Chile Pepper magazine, although we haven’t seen it yet.

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