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We’re excited to be heading to the Brome Fair again. A truly family oriented old tyme fair, one of the oldest in North America in fact, with a history that stretches back to a public meeting to discuss the matter back in 1856.

Tina & Delphine at the booth 2008

Tina & Delphine at the booth 2008

Peppermaster has been working at the Brome Fair since 2004.

Since Peppermaster is owned and run by people (Greg & Tina) with kids too numerous to name here, it became a great family tradition to enjoy the fair together.

Delphine with Sno-Cone 2008

Delphine with Snow Cone 2008



The kids would get some of their first work experience helping out at the booth from time to time, and spend the rest of it  having a sugarbuzz from any of the confections available, getting giddy on rides, or playing midway games.


Tiffany with snow cone 2008

Tiffany with Snow Cone 2008


Tiffany: I remember I was probably like 12 and I went to go play the water gun game and basically this kid a couple years younger than me beat me and he felt bad so he gave me his prize.



Tina: Brome is an interesting mix of Americans, Townshippers, and tourists. We are considered much like the honey producer, the ladies who crochet, etc. It started as a weekend for the kids. We would work the fair, and the profit would pay for them to spin themselves sick on the tilt-a-whirl.

Marshall & Justin – Junior & Sylvester 2005

Marshall & Justin – Junior & Sylvester 2005

They’d ask for a few dollars for a bloomin’ onion or a Derby burger, and there it’d be, just like magic. Of course, now the kids are all grown up, and most won’t make it to Fair this year. Marshall will be there though. He met some of his favourite people there, including his good friend Justin Caplinkas.


Marshall & Justin, just another day at the fair 2008

Marshall & Justin, just another day at the fair 2008

Marshall: Yeah a lot of spinning ourselves sick and coming home with a mountain of stuffed animals we’d won in the midway games, the loud truck pulls and the one time a trucks motor blew, it sounded like a bomb going off.

I was mostly tagging with Justin and his friends Joe and Pam and his kids Gordon and JJ , we would also babysit a kid named Lucas and his little brother, who’s name escapes me. Justin or not, he used to do photography for the fair around that time. I believe when I was 14 was the first year he was doing freelance photography for the fair, instead of them hiring him at a salary. These days we talk about once a month or so.

Defeating the reaper at Brome Fair!

Defeating the reaper at Brome Fair!

Greg: Paul Martin’s son and his girlfriend used to fly in by chopper and make sure to get a bottle of our hot sauce for their table.

I remember the day a woman gave birth two booths down after sampling the worlds hottest pepper in our booth!

My 4 children at Brome in various shades of white , bright red, and crazy green after the Tilt a whirl and me asking them all. ˆHaving FUN guys?” They just glared back.

Tina: Brome is special, we say going to Fair, rather than “the Fair” and the townshippers have a long history with it. It is after all one of the oldest agricultural fairs in North America, beginning in 1856.

We keep meaning to enter the horticulture competitions,  but keep missing the deadlines. 🙂 We’re always in the same kiosk in the main barn though, right between the corn on the cob and Derby’s. FYI, Derby’s is the main hamburger stand on the edge of the fairway, and has been there since forever.

I look forward to seeing new bands on the side stage. Playing $20 at the Lottery spin wheel. Checking out the crazy chickens in the barn. I look forward to watching the little kids do the horse handling competitions. I look forward to a Derby burger, a bloomin’ onion and corn on the cob. I look forward to seeing our old friends, and always look forward to meeting some new ones. I look forward to seeing all our friends at the campground, and hopefully to a wine and cheese or a swim in the creek, but above all to the nightly campfire with hopefully a little live music!

I’m especially looking forward to camping with Greg. Since Brome is the closest thing to Camping that Greg and I get to do anymore!

Brome Fair is great fun in so many ways. Something to look forward to each year.

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