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The Antidote is the most effective heat reducing, pain relieving palate distracting concoction to counter the pain and heat generated by hot peppers ever developed. Anyone can produce a hot sauce that delivers heat, and perhaps even great flavour. Only a true Peppermaster can take the heat away.

Perhaps it was my years until the age of six developing my sweet tooth in the frigid cold of Montreal. Perhaps it was being thrust into the tropical wilds, intense flavours, bird and goat peppers everywhere. The Antidote takes these two obvious extremes and uses one to counter the other. This amazing pure concoction of fresh heavy cream and the world’s best organic dark Quebec maple syrup, and other organic sugars, produces the richest, smoothest, most seductive heat reducing pain relieving salve ever developed to soften the blow of over-extending one's pepper limits. Put it on your tongue; rub it on the back of your hand; your neck; wherever the pepper burn has got you, just lather it on and let it sit there as long as possible. The enzymes in the heavy cream destroy some of the capsaicin pods from found in the pepper oils. The sweetness has a calming reassuring effect, and the clean rich organic maple grabs and holds your attention.

The longer you can rest this delectable caramel on your tongue, the better its soothing properties work.

Selected as the Best Canadian Confection by the Canadian Specialty Foods Association in 1985, International category.

Delectable on body parts, ice cream, pancakes, fresh fruit or even spread on toast. We like to eat it on a spoon!


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