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Collection: Peppermaster Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Elixir

First the sweetness, then all the flavour, then the ghost pepper fire rising to its natural crazy hot limit for each of these Peppermaster Original Pure Pepper Elixirs.

These Elixirs came out of research and experiments I did that revolving around the 'deconstructed' fresh pepper. I treated each element differently and then recombined them later to create these magical Elixirs. I now apply these processes to these fresh hybrid chili peppers and create what is, at first glance a very simple product. Do not be deceived however; there is nothing simple about it, just the smooth delivery of amazing flavour and concentrated heat.

NOT just another hot sauce, the flavour of the chile in these Super-hot Pure Pepper Elixirs is what it is all about.

Goes where no other pepper sauce has gone before; ice cream, brownies, icings, whipped cream, AND ribs, wings, cocktails, and cheese. A single drop on cheese and crackers fully reveals the flavour and the heat of the chili.

Experience the magic of my Peppermaster Original Pure Pepper Elixirs.

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