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Collection: Candied Ginger Mango Chutney

This is the richest chutney I have ever tasted. Chutneys were originally made of fruits and vegetables that were sweetened and dried into a thick pulp in the tropical sun. My use of the world's best sugar along with loads of fresh vegetables, fruits, and my own Peppermaster Pantry Candied Root Ginger, gives this chutney a magical essence. It takes three days of care and love to complete a small single batch and is made seasonally when the mangoes are at their peak (and I should know, 'cause my bedroom was in the shade of a massive mango tree, and it was my childhood job to pick the fruit and keep the vegetation in check!).

My Peppermaster Original Candied Ginger Mango Chutney delivers layered complexity and real umami. Add to other sauces to improve them, drizzle on egg rolls, finish glazed roasts....

I use it on goat cheese and warm it slightly. Serve with crackers...Incredible!


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