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Peppermaster Fresh Pepper Pack

Peppermaster Fresh Pepper Pack

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Available NOW.

40 fresh chilli peppers and a picture legend so you know what you've received.

Includes Carolina Reaper Red, Carolina Reaper Yellow, Apocalypse Scorpions, Death Spiral, Chocolate 7-Pod, Habanero, Aji Lemon, Yellow Scorpion, Jay's Peach Ghost, Habanada(NO heat), and more!

Ready to Ship!

A selection of fresh hot peppers grown in Quebec with no pesticides.

Hand picked one day, kept cool, shipped, and packed with a keep cool pack the morning of shipping. As many varieties as we can get you.

This week: You will receive an assortment from 17 different varieties.

Includes a photo legend.

Cooled with a reusable freezer pack.

Delivered to your door.

NOTE: These are fresh peppers and we ship at your risk. We cannot offer guarantee that the courier will deliver on time.

$45.00 All-in. Montreal and surrounding area. Additional shipping charges will apply for other regions.

Shipped every Tuesday and Wednesday while stock is available.

Pick up in-store: $35.00

Act fast! They are fresh and they are in limited supply.

Use coupon code: Pepper-Pack