Holiday Craft Show Season Calendar 2016

Here it is finally! This year’s craft show calendar!

Hope to see you at one of our shows.

Rudi and Juli Brooks will be taking care of the Peppermaster booth at the NSDCC show.

Tina and Tiffany Brooks will be taking care of the Peppermaster booth at the Calgary Art Market with Peppermaster friend, Hank Bruce.

Tina, Tiffany and Greg Brooks will be taking care of the Peppermaster booth at the Toronto One of a Kind show along with Peppermaster friend, David Carter

And We’ve got the whole crew practically coming out for the Montreal show. See us there.

If you’ve got ideas for your gift packages in mind, let us know ahead of time and we can arrange to bring them to the show. If you don’t tell us to bring it, and we don’t, don’t be surprised! We don’t bring EVERYTHING! That would be impossible!

Drop us a line!

Download the Calendar! our-shows-2016

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On Food Security — A Rant

So we opened a storify account.

Not sure anyone will actually see the rant, but they should. It’s very important. And before you tell me. I know. It’s THEIR not THEY’RE! I hate typos.

Tina Brooks

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Peppermaster Popcorn Pops!

Greg and I will often use the Peppermaster Steak Spice on popcorn, it gives an amazing flavour and really just pops, pardon the pun.

We ALWAYS add real butter though, so the idea of adding any of hot sauce seemed to scream, “you’ll soak the popcorn!”, and there is nothing worse than soaking wet popcorn, amiright?

So, when local Montreal artist Jennifer R. Cook asked if she could do a visual review of some of our products, I sent her a Peppermaster Firecracker. Perhaps you’ve seen these for sale in our shop or at one of our shows?

They contain the Hurricane Mash, the Fusion Fire and the Jerk Curry. These are our three favourite sauces and our best sellers.

Per Jennifer’s directions, simply add a tsp of the Peppermaster hot sauce to the melted butter and drizzle it onto the finished popcorn.

Nice and spicy!


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Dégustation Gratuite de produits locaux, bio et éco CE Dimanche a St-Lazare, Québec

Nous vous invitons à nous joindre ce Dimanche pour la dégustation annuelle du Marché Écolocal de la Coop CSUR.

Voici le faire part de notre gérante du marché.

C’est ce dimanche que ça se passe!

Centre communautaire de St-Lazare, 8 novembre, 13h30-16h (1301, rue du Bois, St-Lazare)

Venez déguster les produits locaux, biologiques et écologiques de la région et apprenez comment vous en procurer à l’année longue avec le Marché Écolocal de la Coop CSUR. Rencontrez les producteurs qui travaillent jour après jour pour offrir des produits de qualité imbattables!

Voici quelques exemples des délices que vous pourrez déguster gratuitement lors de cet après-midi automnale :

Jus d’herbe de blé de Saint-Eustache, salade et viande de Très-St-Rédempteur, pain de Coteau-du-Lac, pain sans gluten de Vaudreuil-Dorion, légumes de Sainte-Marthe, St-Polycarpe et du Lac Simon, fromage de chèvre de Ste-Justine-de-Newton, sauces piquantes de Rigaud, pommes de Mont-St-Grégoire, charcuterie de Huntingdon, vin de Mirabel, kombucha de Montréal , café torrifié à Sherbrooke, soupe et petits fruits de St-Eugène.

Pourquoi des produits locaux?

Le but du Marché Écolocal est de rapprocher le producteur local au consommateur qui se soucie de la qualité de la nourriture. En achetant des produits biologiques et écologiques locaux, vous soutenez votre économie locale et des pratiques agriculturelles durables. C’est gagnant gagnant!

Une épicerie complète

En complément de notre offre local, le Marché Écolocal vous propose des produits provenant de grossistes locaux et biologiques, vous permettant de faire votre épicerie complète en quelques minutes et quelques “clics” de votre souris. Quelques exemples: pâtes alimentaires, fruits séchés, noix, farines, papier hygiénique, déodorant, pâte à dents, poisson, ketchup, craquelins, huiles et tisanes.

Devenez membre

Vous aurez l’occasion de tout savoir sur le Marche Écolocal de la Coop CSUR lors de l’évènement dimanche, et vous inscrire si vous aimez ce que vous goûtez!

Site web


Pour information contactez Katherine Massam 514-360-3361 ou 514-619-7635

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Tico Tuna Mango Salad for Two

To prepare the Mango salad mix together:
2 cups diced fresh mango
2 tbsp minced shallots
2 cups half inch sliced sweet sugar snap peas
3 tbsp lime juice
1/4 cup Coconut milk

Gently fold in 1 cup of fresh local blueberries.

Plate the mango salad on a bed of mixed local greens.

Arrange the Tico Tuna on top.

How to prepare the Tico Tuna
Arrange 1/4 inch thick slices of fresh or lightly seared tuna in a pan and cover the fish entirely with a 1/8th inch thick layer of Bonfire Kitchens’ Tico Rub.

Torch or flash broil until coconut is toasted.

Sprinkle the entire salad with fresh lime juice and serve.

Offer Peppermaster Piri Piri Sauce for the piquante, to taste, at the table.

Bon Appetit!

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Peppermaster 2016 Bahamian Getaway

In 1969 I did a survival hike as part of my Governor General Award’s Gold scheme. I was dropped onto the island of Eleuthera by boat with a group of three kids. We hiked up the island to Preacher’s Cave and then trekked our way down to the South end of the island. It was a tropical paradise then.

Eleuthera Bahamas Map pinpointing the Island Seaside villa.

Eleuthera Bahamas Map pinpointing the Island Seaside villa.

A couple of years ago, Tina and I spent the month of February in the homecoming cottage of a friend of ours from Nassau. It brought me back to my childhood. We lived a quiet homey existence, snorkeling by day, taking day excursions to explore the island, both by foot and by car. Tina really enjoyed our life in the Bahamas and ever since has been clamoring to return. As have I.

2016 is going to be the year of the Peppermaster Bahamian Seaside Getaway!

Beach nearby Eleuthera, Bahamas, Peppermaster Homecoming Cottage

Beach nearby Eleuthera, Bahamas, Peppermaster Homecoming Cottage

Join us in the Spring of 2016 for 1-4 weeks in a remote tropical island paradise. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of a tourist vacation.

Peppermaster Homecoming Cottage frontispiece, Eleuthera Bahamas

Peppermaster Homecoming Cottage frontispiece, Eleuthera Bahamas

A friend has generously given us a very good deal for their homecoming cottages in South Palmetto point, Eleuthera Bahamas. We have booked the houses for a month, ending March 13th.

Situated in the quiet little community of South Palmetto Point, Eleuthera, there are two houses right above the beach with a spectacular view of the Caribbean sea and sunsets. Walking distance to laundry facilities, a library, shops, and restaurants. It’s a perfect spot of semi-seclusion and privacy for a tropical vacation of epic proportions.

Peppermaster Homecoming Cottage waterfront, Eleuthera Bahamas

Peppermaster Homecoming Cottage waterfront, Eleuthera Bahamas

For those who prefer a more touristy vacation, tour guides, day excursions, and rental vehicles are readily available. Tina and I can help you arrange all the details you might need.

Accommodations are available as you can see are as follows:

In the main house, there are two apartments that each include one Queen size bed, two single beds, a pull-out sofabed, and two baths. Both apartments open onto the decks that overlook the sea.

bedroom-queen bedroom 2 x single living-room kitchen

There is also one efficiency cottage, without a view of the ocean, that sleeps two in two single beds.

In all cases, the single beds can be pushed together to create King size beds, of course.

All three apartments have air conditioning, internet, and an equipped kitchen.

We will be booking groups on a first come first serve basis, but will be mixing up shared accommodations for those who don’t mind sharing with strangers for a few days.

It will be an adventure including a visit to the village of Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera for the world famous Fish Fry and then you’ll be our guest at the Peppermaster’s own Bahamian Fish Fry each Saturday Night.

For those who prefer swimming in the wild waves of the Atlantic, a short walk across the island yields bigger, wilder waves than the calm Caribbean sea. Surfers will find excellent surfing not far away, but a car and surf gear may be required to get up the island to surf at the world renowned Surfer’s Beach.

Scuba divers are welcome, there are excellent dive shops nearby. The Bahamas offers some of the best diving in the world. The word “Bahamas” means “shallow banks.” You can snorkel on one side of the island of Eleuthera (where the Seaside Suites is situated. Deeper water divers can dive on the Atlantic side of the island and expect visibility beyond 150 ft. year-round, depending on weather conditions.

If you intend to scuba dive in the area, you will be required to purchase air from a BDA operator. There are several on the island. For those who prefer snorkeling, that can be done from the foot of the sea walk.

Peppermaster Homecoming Cottage, Eleuthera Bahamas sea walkway path

Peppermaster Homecoming Cottage, Eleuthera Bahamas sea walkway path

You can go spearfishing in The Bahamas but MUST free dive only and only non-mechanized equipment such as a Hawaiian sling is permitted. Power spear guns are prohibited.

Peppermaster Homecoming Cottage, Eleuthera Bahamas sea walkway step off

Peppermaster Homecoming Cottage, Eleuthera Bahamas sea walkway step off

There is an inland blue hole on the south end of the island but will require a car for the trip.

For those who would like to rent a boat during their visit, this can also be arranged.

USA and Canadian citizens do not require a visa for this trip. If your passport is other than these to Nationality’s, please verify whether or not you need a Visa, you can visit for detailed information specific to your country.

Average water temperatures in the Bahamas during February – March is 72 – 75 degrees Farenheit / 22 – 24 Celcius, which is approximately the temperature of the air at that time of year as well.

If you cannot bring your own, snorkeling equipment, sea kayaks and other items will be available and any special requests can be easily arranged a few weeks in advance.

Peppermaster Homecoming Cottage, Eleuthera Bahamas view from the main building

Peppermaster Homecoming Cottage, Eleuthera Bahamas view from the main building

Groups who occupy the entire space will be booked first and the maximum group at any given time will be 12.

For couples, there are Queen size beds, double size sofa beds, or single beds that can be pushed together like King size beds.

We will require a signed waiver of responsibility for each adult and their minor children and adults will be required to supervise their children at all times. Babysitting can be easily arranged.

Peppermaster Homecoming Cottage, Eleuthera Bahamas , South Palmetto Point

Peppermaster Homecoming Cottage, Eleuthera Bahamas , South Palmetto Point

We are currently looking to create a calendar schedule and determine how many people are going to participate. Right now, applying for this vacation getaway is simply an I’m interested but will require a $50 REFUNDABLE deposit. Firm commitments will be required in July at which point a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of 20% paid will be taken with the full amount payable by January 1, 2016.

Peppermaster Homecoming Cottage, Eleuthera Bahamas view of the cays

Peppermaster Homecoming Cottage, Eleuthera Bahamas view of the cays

Tina and I will be on site for the entire period, so you will have someone to hang with during your vacation and who will leave you alone if you want nothing to do with us.

We look forward to planning our Bahamian Getaway with you.

Reserve your place by clicking your desire to join us at this link on our website: Peppermaster Bahamian Getaway 2016

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SAQ & the Peppermaster

Saturday, June 6, 1 pm – 4 pm at the Rigaud SAQ. Brooks Pepperfire Foods Inc. Local food manufacturer shows off the drink mixes their company manufactures.

Life isn’t only about hot sauce.

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Hot Sauce Competition and Wing Night – Le Cerbère, St-Jerome, Qc

We invite you to join us for a wing night out of the ordinary. In collaboration with Piments Forts Quebec, and La Cerbère, Brooks Pepperfire Foods will be cooking up some hot wings and some hot times. Join us in testing your mettle with some of the hottest peppers in the world.

For more information, we invite you to contact Piments Forts Québec who is organizing the event or Le Cerbère the Resto-pub directly, by clicking on this link for Piments Forts Quebec (French only) or this link to the le Cerbère webiste (French only).


Nous vous invitons de nous joindre lors de la compétition Sauce Piquante et Soirée des Ailes piquantes! En collaboration avec Piments Forts Québec et le Cerbère à St-Jerome, vous expérimentér des ailes piquantes et un peu de fun.

Pour plus d’infos cliquez sur le lien, pour Piments Forts Québec, cliquer ici ou pour Le Cerbère, cliquer ici. Ces liens vous y rendraient directment sur leurs sites webs.

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Special Shoutout to Martha Stewart Living

We had opportunity to meet two lovely scouts from Martha Stewart Living.

So glad to have met Hannah and Ayesha. We look forward to seeing you both again.

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Insanity — On est malade!

Now that the insanity has ceased prepare for more insanity.

We will be upgrading our website for year end shortly. Please don’t be surprised if your bookmarks are suddenly asked to shift.

Thank you for your patience.


On est tellement malade. Nous avons termine les modifications qu’il fallait faire, et maintenant nous vous preparons de voir des changements bientot car nous allons changer notre site encore un fois.

Nous vous excusons pour tous inconvenience!

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