Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs

The reason I wear them, seems vain. It's considered when I put together my outfit for the day, and it is important to me that the scarf look as lovely with my outfit as possible. I like to look nice for myself when I catch my eye in a mirror. But really, I wear them because you stink. Literally. I know, I know, you're looking at me thinking "that was offensive", well, I apologize for that, and I hope though, that it got your attention. Because I'd like you to be aware of what you are inadvertently doing, because it is killing me. Literally. Read More
Tina Macinaw and Scarf

Taking on City Hall

So, some of you blindly watched the video Gayle posted of me yesterday, and I told everyone I'd post what happened, after all, so if you missed the video,...

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Container delivery


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