Our Ingredients

We are constantly striving to improve the quality of the ingredients we use for the Peppermaster™ brand products while maximizing their positive social impact in pursuit of our mission statement.

Our hand crafted sauces are prepared in small batches. We do all of our own fire roasting, smoking, drying, cooking and processing in house.

We buy our fresh peppers directly from the farmers, locally when in season and sourcing internationally throughout the rest of the year. We source Fair Trade products whenever possible and whether they are Organic or not, only the freshest highest quality ingredients are used.

Brooks Pepperfire Foods’ facility is bleach and peanut free and all of the Peppermaster™ brand products are gluten free with zero trans-fats. Peppermaster™ brand products are heat-treated to eliminate the need for preservatives and the excessive use of vinegar.

Sourcing the freshest ingredients from sub-tropical countries led us to Fair Trade. Working with TransFair Canada we are working to create a market for fair trade chillies, with farms in India, Kenya, Costa Rica, Thailand and Haiti working towards Fair Trade certification.

Peppermaster™ brand products focus on fresh chili peppers and supporting ingredients. We use no additives, flavourings or pepper extracts. Our use of the best ingredients shows in the intense richness of our products. The Peppermaster’s culinary skill is highlighted by the control he can express over the varying heat levels in our sauces, while maintaining extraordinarily great tasting food. Even if you are not a chilihead, Peppermaster™ brand sauces are truly a culinary adventure.

by inclusion

by exclusion

  • More Fresh Chili Peppers
  • Extra Heat Processing
  • Complex Natural Sugars
  • Concentrated Richness & Controlled Heat
  • Artisan produced in small batches
  • Social/Environmental Conscience
  • Fresh Supporting Ingredients
  • No ‘natural spice extract’
  • No ‘Pepper extract’
  • Reduced vinegar
  • No Trans Fats
  • Wheat free & Gluten Free
  • Peanut-free
  • No MSG/colouring/flavouring
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