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1 XThe Antidote 45mlThe Antidote 45ml

My Peppermaster Original Pepper Antidote really does work!

Only a true Peppermaster can take the heat away....

In culinary terms, this is a Maple Cream Coulis dessert sauce. Determined the finest Canadian Dessert Confection by the Canadian Specialty Foods Association back in the 80s, it is STILL the best thing for warm sponge cake, ice cream, pancakes or waffles. Although, by far, the best way to eat it is on a spoon!

1 XJerk Curry 9 45 mlJerk Curry 9 45 ml

This sauce is one of my best recipes. Believe it or not, this is the sauce that people keep coming back for, again and again. Peppermaster Original Jerk Curry is a fusion of Caribbean Jerk and Madras Curry. There is so much Bahamian 'island' love packed into every jar, you can almost feel the sun on your face, smell the salt in the air and rub your toes in the hot pink sand while the fresh scotch bonnets dance on your tongue...

1 XFusion Fire 45 mlFusion Fire 45 ml

Peppermaster Fusion Fire is one of my very first hot pepper sauces. I first started making it for my brand, Constant Creation. It delivers broad flavour and big heat as an all-purpose hot sauce. It boasts a blend of 10 fresh hot peppers with a little bit of Cajun influence

I've been making this one for over 30 years now; it is tried and true!

1 XBacon Reaper Madness 45 mlBacon Reaper Madness 45 ml

Wow! Bacon hot sauce. Well balanced very hot general use hot sauce that adds bacon to everything it touches. Awesome on pizzas, burgers, seafood and more.

Heat level: 12

1 XMango Chutney 45 mlMango Chutney 45 ml

My Peppermaster Original Candied Ginger Mango Chutney delivers layered complexity and real umami. Add to other sauces to improve them, drizzle on egg rolls, finish glazed roasts....

I pour a layer of it on goat cheese or brie, warmed slightly. Serve with crackers or pita chips... It is an incredibly comforting dip for your party table!

1 XWhite Chocolate Reaper 45White Chocolate Reaper 45

Heat me up and pour me over ice cream or dip fresh fruit in me, or just eat me by the spoonfull straight out of the jar! Nakes an amazing Hot Chocolate Martini.

Experience the silky smoothness of my Peppermaster White Chocolate Reaper, first you get the rich sweetness of the white chocolate and a little sting from the peppers, and then it blooms like a furnace. Best to warm up when coming in from the cold.


The Peppermaster

1 XSteak Spice and Rub 28gSteak Spice and Rub 28g

My Peppermaster Original Steak Spice & Rub is my secret blend of high quality ingredients developed and savoured in my restaurant from 1978-1991. Low on salt with crazy good flavour. The peppers are dried by us and come from our ever-expanding network of chili pepper farmers both locally and from around the world.

I put this brilliant spice blend oneverything.

1 XCrazy Hot Liquid Fire 45 mlCrazy Hot Liquid Fire 45 ml

Imagine the essence of the chili pepper, all the flavour and heat of the fruit, trapped in an elixir that is avalable to you in but a single drop!

As a single drop is placed upon the tongue your anticipations of the sharp bite of searing fire disappear. A seducing blanket of rich organic cane syrup spreads across your palate, protecting you momentarily, as the nuances of the flavour hidden within the pepper are exposed.

It is there for a moment only, before a rising and inescapable fire grabs your attention; appearing from the point of contact and penetrating deeper into your palate, creeping down the crevices at the back of your throat, firing off taste buds as it passes, blossoming and intensifying everywhere all the while; pushing the flavours of the pepper to fully express themselves before the ever still rising fire from the chillies becomes dominant. There may be several waves like this when first experienced. It certainly grabs your whole attention.

You are left having experienced quite a shift in your awareness and the universe seems crisper and simpler, as the magic that is our perceptual system purges your awareness.

Delivering this experience to you is my magic.


The Peppermaster

1 XStingin' Scorpion 45 mlStingin' Scorpion 45 ml

My hot Peppermaster Original Stingin Scorpion, chipotle wing sauce, has so much flavour from so many fire roasted and smoked peppers, I've been using it everywhere...

If you're looking for a smoked Harissa, look no further. Unlike the Middle Eastern types that are smoke dried and then blended with garlic to make a paste, we fire roast our peppers with the garlic and then finish blending them in the pot. This way, although we get the flavour of the smoke, we also maintain the fresh overtones of the peppers.

Marinate with it or pour it on anything.

1 XFire Salt 45gFire Salt 45g

Get rid of MSG and those artificial flavour enhancers! My Peppermaster Original Fire Salt does an amazing job of amplifying flavours, and delivering health benefits!

Made with sea salt infused with Carolina Reaper peppers you'll find this is the perfect replacement. I use this instead of regular salt and Tina carries it in her purse.

1 XBBQ Bahamas 45 mlBBQ Bahamas 45 ml

BBQ Bahamas is a rich aromatic barbecue sauce delivering an intoxicating richness of tropical flavors including spicy chile peppers, tart limes and tamarinds, loads of fresh ginger and garlic.

This is that southern BBQ sauce you've been looking for to slather on chicken, beef or pork. Add a little smoke and this is the best sauce going for a pulled pork.

And just to be different, you have to try this on samosas....

1 XMaple Umami 45 mlMaple Umami 45 ml

World's first Maple and celery based hot sauce. This product is designed to trigger the umami sense. size 45 ml heat level 10
1 XOld School Jerk 45 mlOld School Jerk 45 ml

Old School Jerk was originally named Peppermaster Original Straight Jerk is a Bahamian style Jerk. Made true island-style with fresh raw ingredients it really delivers the flavour you expect!

If this sauce doesn't immediately transport you to the islands, you've never been there.

you can marinate any meat, poultry or seafood for as little as 15 minutes or, as long as three days in the fridge. My daughter will buy her meat fresh and then put it in the Jerk BEFORE she pops it in the freezer. It will marinate while it freezes and then again while it thaws.

Mix it in mayonnaise for a Jerk Mayo or add it to a blend of sour cream and mayonnaise for a Jerk dip.

1 XHurricane Florence 45mlHurricane Florence 45ml

My Original Hurricane Mash blended with some of Ed Currie's Carolina Reapers added for extra punch and flavour. This is our hottest product in our line of Hurricanes.

When I blended these peppers together, I didn't expect the reaction that I had. This quickly became my new favourite pepper sauce and the first time Tina tasted it she had an adrenaline rush.

Right off the top, it's a beautiful clean direct hot sauce, a mite fruitier than the original Hurricane, but not much hotter. Then the Carolina slowly, VERY SLOWLY presents. The heat comes on so slowly that it is not an unpleasant situation. If you like this sensation as much as I do, then this will quickly become your next favourite fresh pepper hot sauce, too!

This is a blend of locally grown and imported peppers.

1 XVicious Vindaloo sauce 45 mlVicious Vindaloo sauce 45 ml

This is the red curry sauce you've been clamouring for. You ask, I answer.

This, my friends, is true Vindaloo. Are you up for it?

Vindaloo is a red curry like sauce that has been exported from Goa. Most people don't know that it was originally a portuguese dish called Vinha D'Alhos. It consisted of a palm-vinegar marinated meat smothered in garlic and spices. Local Goan spices were added to create this beautiful rich sauce, as were spicy chilli peppers. This sauce is wonderful for goat, lamb, beef or chicken. Even seafood will shine with this flavour.

Oh, did I warn you? It's hot!

1 XSweet Goatpepper 45 mlSweet Goatpepper 45 ml

Wait 'till you taste the amazing balance and flavour contained in my Thai-style Peppermaster Original Sweet Goatpepper Chili Sauce. Pour this on egg rolls, noodle dishes, glazed roasts. strong heat and great flavour!

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We know about ice in canada, but who would have guessed such a wide selection of amazing flavours and heat levels would be produced here? This sampler pack makes a great introduction to Peppermaster quality.

16 x 45 ml assorted Peppermaster Sauces

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