Firecracker 3 x 45 ml Alpha Omega

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Kit Components
1 XNought Sauce 45 mlNought Sauce 45 ml

The mildest in my line of Mashes, made with Quebec grown habanada peppers. All the flavour of a habanero, and no heat.

This pepper will mess with your mind.

1 XCarolina Reaper Mash 45mlCarolina Reaper Mash 45ml

My Peppermaster Original Carolina Reaper is made with the current Guinness Book of Records record holder for the worlds hottest chili pepper. The pepper scored 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) to take the record from the previous holder in 2011.

Shows off the flavour and heat exceptionally well.


The Peppermaster

1 XThe Antidote 45mlThe Antidote 45ml

My Peppermaster Original Pepper Antidote really does work!

Only a true Peppermaster can take the heat away....

In culinary terms, this is a Maple Cream Coulis dessert sauce. Determined the finest Canadian Dessert Confection by the Canadian Specialty Foods Association back in the 80s, it is STILL the best thing for warm sponge cake, ice cream, pancakes or waffles. Although, by far, the best way to eat it is on a spoon!

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From the beginning to the end!
The mildest and the hottest, and a little antidote to calm the nerves.

3 x 45 ml firecracker
Colour: Light yellow and yellow ribbon

This firecracker includes:

1 x 45 ml Nought Sauce
1 x 45 ml Carolina Reaper
1 x 45 ml The Antidote

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