Jewels of Fire and Ice 16 Pack Medium

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Kit Components
1 XFusion Fire 45 mlFusion Fire 45 ml

Peppermaster Fusion Fire is one of my very first hot pepper sauces. I first started making it for my brand, Constant Creation. It delivers broad flavour and big heat as an all-purpose hot sauce. It boasts a blend of 10 fresh hot peppers with a little bit of Cajun influence

I've been making this one for over 30 years now; it is tried and true!

1 XHurricane Mash 45 mlHurricane Mash 45 ml

Peppermaster Hurricane Mash is simple, clean, and very hot. It amplifies flavours in whatever you are eating and shines with the flavour of the fresh picked peppers.

This product is also available as: Hurricane Mash 250 ml.

This product is part of the Hurricane Mash and Pure Pepper Products Category.

1 XSweet Goatpepper 45 mlSweet Goatpepper 45 ml

Wait 'till you taste the amazing balance and flavour contained in my Thai-style Peppermaster Original Sweet Goatpepper Chili Sauce. Pour this on egg rolls, noodle dishes, glazed roasts. strong heat and great flavour!

1 XJerk Curry 9 45 mlJerk Curry 9 45 ml

This sauce is one of my best recipes. Believe it or not, this is the sauce that people keep coming back for, again and again. Peppermaster Original Jerk Curry is a fusion of Caribbean Jerk and Madras Curry. There is so much Bahamian 'island' love packed into every jar, you can almost feel the sun on your face, smell the salt in the air and rub your toes in the hot pink sand while the fresh scotch bonnets dance on your tongue...

1 XChipotle Smoky Wing Sauce 45 mlChipotle Smoky Wing Sauce 45 ml

My answer to traditional Buffalo Chicken wings! So much flavour from so many fire roasted and smoked peppers, I put Peppermaster Original Wings of Smokey Chipotle sauce everywhere!

It is smoky and garlicky and thick. A nice medium heat made from fresh hot red peppers.

Sure to please!

1 XBBQ Sauce Eh? 45 mlBBQ Sauce Eh? 45 ml

What could possibly be more Canadian than a barbecue sauce made with peaches, bacon, and maple? Peppermaster BBQ Eh? is a rich aromatic barbecue sauce delivering these truly Canadian flavours and they are all locally sourced! It's a nice medium heat, hot sauce and it is chock full of locally grown chilli peppers, too. How much more Canadian can it get?

This sauce works great as a dipper, too!

1 XRed Rub 30gRed Rub 30g

Our own blend for rubbing into meats for barbecuing, roasting with nuts or sprinkling on popcorn.

1 XAsian Fusion Dry Rub 25gAsian Fusion Dry Rub 25g

Our Asian Fusion Dry Rub is the brillant use of organic tamari, sesame, ginger and garlic, that will add an Asian flare to any meal!

1 XSticky Ginger Garlic Rib- 45mlSticky Ginger Garlic Rib- 45ml

Dark rich tamari steeped with ginger, lots and lots of ginger. This is the competition rib black sauce you've been looking for.

This is the Teriyaki sauce you have been unable to find.

Stir fry a little, candy a little.

If you love ginger, you will love this sauce.

1 XRaspberry Fire 45 mlRaspberry Fire 45 ml

My Peppermaster Original Raspberries in Heat, renamed Raspberry Fire has a mild temper. A super-smooth intense rich fruit hot sauce awaits the adventurous.

This sauce is made with an explosion of fresh raspberries, you'll think we picked them this morning. Snuggled up to a snifter of Grand Marnier, the citrus notes in this sauce will entrance you.

We love this on duck, but it goes equally well on a tomato salad, as the syrup for a Peppermaster Raspberry Daiquiri, or even as a dessert coulis on chocolate cheesecake. This really is a go anywhere sauce. It's sweet and savoury.

1 XSweet Cherry Pepper Chili Sauce 45 mlSweet Cherry Pepper Chili Sauce 45 ml

Wait 'till you taste the amazing balance and flavour contained in my Thai-style Peppermaster Original Sweet Cherry-pepper Chili Sauce. Pour this on egg rolls, noodle dishes, glazed roasts. strong heat and great flavour!

1 XThai Satay 45 mlThai Satay 45 ml

My Peppermaster Original Thai Satay provides that island richness as coconut and peanut-like flavours blend together with organic sugars, tart limes and beckoning spices, including the bite of fresh Thai bird-pepper chillies.

In Thailand, this is a standard barbecuing sauce. Often on chicken or beef, you can use it as a drizzling sauce or as a spicy flavour paste in soups.

One of my favourite ways to serve it is straight up as a cold but spicy shrimp cocktail dip!

1 XBacon Madness 45 mlBacon Madness 45 ml

Wow! Bacon hot sauce. Well balanced medium all purpose hot sauce that adds bacon to everything it touches. Awesome on pizzas, burgers, seafood and more.

1 XChili Chocolate 45 mlChili Chocolate 45 ml

Heat me up and pour me over ice cream or dip fresh fruit in me, or just eat me by the spoonful straight out of the jar! An incredible addition to Chili con Carne and makes an amazing Hot Chocolate Martini.

Experience the silky smoothness of my Peppermaster Original Chili Chocolate by mixing a tablespoon into a cup of hot milk. It will warm your cockles! Add a shot of hot rum, a dollop of crème fraiche, and a splash of green crème de menthe and it becomes a delicious Peppermaster Mont Blanc -- Perfect for après ski.

1 XMango Chutney 45 mlMango Chutney 45 ml

My Peppermaster Original Candied Ginger Mango Chutney delivers layered complexity and real umami. Add to other sauces to improve them, drizzle on egg rolls, finish glazed roasts....

I pour a layer of it on goat cheese or brie, warmed slightly. Serve with crackers or pita chips... It is an incredibly comforting dip for your party table!

1 XThe Antidote 45mlThe Antidote 45ml

My Peppermaster Original Pepper Antidote really does work!

Only a true Peppermaster can take the heat away....

In culinary terms, this is a Maple Cream Coulis dessert sauce. Determined the finest Canadian Dessert Confection by the Canadian Specialty Foods Association back in the 80s, it is STILL the best thing for warm sponge cake, ice cream, pancakes or waffles. Although, by far, the best way to eat it is on a spoon!

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We know about ice in canada, but who would have guessed such a wide selection of amazing flavours and heat levels would be produced here? This sampler pack makes a great introduction to Peppermaster quality.

16 x 45 ml assorted Peppermaster Sauces

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