Hurricanes & Mashes

Here you'll find my beloved Hurricane Mash and all the fresh pepper mashes that I have in stock. When I just want to strengthen the flavours of my dish and add good clean fire I reach for the Peppermaster Original Hurricane Mash. If I want it still hotter I'll grab the Hurricane Sandy Mash which has extra Red Savina Habanero in it. I generally add one teaspoon at a time. And sometimes, when I just want to change my state of mind and clear my head of unwanted thoughts, I'll even go into one of the superhots. A teaspoon of that will effectively change your perspective, any day!

Each of the Hurricane Mashes has it's own distinctive flavour and heat expression based on the peppers used in the product. I invite you try them all and see what a difference a change makes.

You'll also find my pickled peppers in this category. We only use zero gluten organic grain vinegar, so you know the flavour will be out of the ordinary!

Can you tell that this is, by far, my favourite category of product?



The Peppermaster

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