Jewels of Fire & Ice

The Jewels of Fire & Ice is a collection of 16 different 45ml (1-1/2oz) products. This is the best way of sampling a good variety of our products, and you get to choose the jewels that go into it. You get a whopping 60% discount off the Jewels - my thanks to you for sampling! We always include The Antidote (that's the Ice part), and you can choose the other 15 products (that's the Fire part), or we can do that for you.

Currently pre-selected for a variety of flavour and heat levels.

Coming Soon! Choose your own Jewels. Take 60% off. If you attach a list we can do this for you now, but we expect to have it automated soon.

The Jewels of Fire & Ice comes with recipes, ideas, descriptions and stories to assist you in exploring the magic found within.

Please note, choosing products which are priced at or in excess of $15 per unit will increase the cost of the package by the difference with their price and the $10 base price for sampler jars. Example, choose the world's hottest pepper at $25, we will add $15 to the price of the package. You will receive an adjustment invoice / request for payment for such choices before we will ship..

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