Blast from the Past: Tina and Greg at a Market Stand

Blast from the past, photo of Greg and Tina Brooks at a Peppermaster brand market stand.

Tina and Peppermaster Greg Brooks

Urban bonfire and a Big Green Egg

Being a Peppermaster and a foodie in Montreal, brings ample opportunity to not only entertain but also to barbecue, smoke, and generally cook to your heart’s content. Especially in the summer. The summer of 2014 is shaping up to be no exception to that ideal. I’m doing a lot of […]

Urban Bonfire presents Peppermaster Jerk Curry on a Saber Grill

Hey Montreal! Peppermaster Exclusively Available at Urban Bonfire!

Starting soon, you’ll be able to purchase our best sellers at the centrally located boutique as well as register for a series of Urban Bonfire hosted barbecue extravaganzas featuring our very own Peppermaster, Greg Brooks.



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